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Early C19th Mahogany Box Containing Mineral Samples
A good early C19th mahogany box containing 3 trays of mineral samples by "Rich&Geo Knight, Iron mongers and Manufacturers of chemical and philosop...
G D Ginger Antiques
A 19th century collection of minerals by James Tennant
A fine Victorian collection of Minerals, Rocks and Fossils by James Tennant (1808-1881). No.149 Strand, London July 1st 1869. The mahogany box c...
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Nicholas Gifford-Mead
Two cased sets of minerals and rock samples
Two good examples of mid 19th century mahogany cased mineral samples with the trade label of Thomas Russell in both lids.
Exotic Shell and Mineral Centrepiece by Anthony Redmile
Height: 21" (53.5cm) Width: 22" (56cm) Depth: 15" (38cm)
Anthony Outred Ltd
The Life and Remains of Edward Daniel Clarke Professor of Mineralogy in the Univ...
The Life and Remains of Edward Daniel Clarke Professor of Mineralogy in the University of Cambridge Two volumes complete - Volume One - [6], 500...
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Temple Rare Books
Condor Agate Nodule WS239
Condor Agate Nodule, Patagonia, Argentina
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Calcite with Pyrite WS240
Calcite with Pyrite, Morocco
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Malachite WS242
Malachite, Katanga Copper Zone, Congo
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Calcite WS243
Calcite, Frome, Somerset
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Quartz WS244
Quartz , Minas Gerais, Brazil
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Quartz Cluster WS245
Quartz Cluster from Brazil
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Quartz on Fluorite WS238
Quartz on Fluorite Rogerley Mine, Frosterley, Weardale, Co. Durham
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
A selection of spheres WS221/M20-24
Top left . Malachite, Republic of Congo £425 Top right . Rhodonite, Madagascar £390 Middle. Orbicular jasper, Madagascar £265 ...
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Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Pyrite WS220/M10
This mineral is a favourite among collectors. It has a beautiful lustre and interesting crystals. These examples are from La Rioja region, Spain. ...
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Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Amethyst points WS208/M7
Amethyst is one of the most popular of the quartz group because of its natural beauty and wide range of metaphysical uses.
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.
Labradorite boulder WS207/M4
labradorite is a member of the plagioclase of minerals.It can produce a colourful play of light coming from lamellar intergrowths inside the crysta...
Dome Antiques (Exp) Ltd.