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A Chinese Green-Glazed Pottery Model of a Dog, Han Dynasty
The terrier-like dog modelled standing four-square, his head raised as if to bark or sniff the air, covered in a streaky calcified olive-green glaz...
Gibson Antiques
A Meissen porcelain figure of a resting dog
The greyhound wearing a blue collar, lying on a patch of greenery with flowers, with crossed sword mark to the underside
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
China, 17th century A fine pair of 17th-century Chinese porcelain Blanc de Chine Fu Dogs. Minor Losses In China Fu dogs were traditionally ...
Nicholas Wells
China 17th / 18th century ​A fine pair of stoneware Fu Dogs glazed in amber and Green. W 10cm H 18cm
Nicholas Wells
Rare Staffordshire porcelain group of two dogs.
A good quality and very unusual 19th century Staffordshire porcelain group of a red & white Setter and a Staffordshire Bull terrier, on a mound bas...
Andrew Dando
Derby porcelain Pug dog.
A good quality early 19th century Derby porcelain model of a seated Pug, on a rectangular base with gilt line. Red mark.
Andrew Dando
Early Staffordshire Dog.
Late 18th century Staffordshire pottery small model of a dog, decorated with Pratt type underglaze colours.
Andrew Dando
A Japanese Satsuma koro topped with a lion dog, signed Kinkozan
A Japanese Satsuma koro decorated with panels of pheasants and a liondog knop.
Price On Application
Kevin Page Oriental Art Ltd
An Unusal Figure of a Dogs Head on a wooden base
An unusual figure of a dogs head on a wooden base.
Bushwood Antiques
Staffordshire Dog Converted Into A Table Lamp
Staffordshire dog converted into a table lamp.Please note if posting the lamp comes without the shade at a £15 reduction
Worboys Antiques
A Piero Fornasetti Bowl decorated with a St. Bernard Dog.
A Vintage Piero Fornasetti Dish with a St. Bernard Dog, The deep circular dish is decorated with a St. Bernard on a gold ground. The outer edg...
Earle D Vandekar of Knightsbridge Inc
A pair of Chinese blue and white vases decorated with an amusing Fo Dog design
A pair of Chinese blue and white vases decorated with an amusing wrap-around Fo dog design
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Kevin Page Oriental Art Ltd
Staffordshire Figure of a Dog
A Staffordshire pearlware pottery figure of a sporting hound at rest. Naturalisticaly modeled on a "grassy" green base its coat painted with gray p...
Wonderful Fine Quality Antique Royal Dux Figure Group of Boy With Dog
Wonderful Fine Quality Antique Royal Dux Figure Group of Boy With Dog Circa 1920 Pink triangle Perfect Original Condition (I have placed a twig...
David Wolfenden Antiques
A collection of candlestick holders in the form of dogs
A collection of candlestick holders in the form of Pekingese type dogs with famille rose panel coats
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Kevin Page Oriental Art Ltd
A Chinese Kang Hsi blue and white temple jar and cover with lion dog knop
A Chinese Kang Hsi period blue and white temple jar and cover with golden liondog knop, decorated with panels with floral designs
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Kevin Page Oriental Art Ltd
Pair of Chinese Turquoise Glazed Foo Dogs on Ormolu Mounts
A fine and rare pair of Kangxi style Chinese turquoise glazed foo dogs on ormolu metal mounts. Both dogs are covered in a rich lustrous turquoise (...
Raymond Horneman
Pair of Seated Guandong Ware Pottery Dogs
The two pottery spaniels are seated on their haunches and placed on rectangular bases, with their heads turned outwards, facing to the left and the...
Price On Application
Thomas Coulborn & Sons
A Japanese Hirado teapot in the form of a boy with a dog
A Japanese blue and white Hirado teapot in the form of a boy holding a puppy, the boy's topknot forms the lid and the puppy's mouth the spout.
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Kevin Page Oriental Art Ltd
Pair Derby porcelain figures of Pug Dogs English .
A fine pair of porcelain figures of pug dogs. The dogs are modelled with two free standing legs and seated on a green oblong base. The figures ...
John Howard
A Meissen Seated Dog of Queen Maria Josepha
Johann Joachim Kaendler Meissen 1739 No swords mark The small seated up dog on a baroque stool wears the golden initials „M.J.R.P.“ (Mar...
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Elfriede Langeloh
Antique Brampton Salt Glazed Dog Bowl Moulded with Dogs & Leaves c.1850
An antique Brampton salt glazed dog bowl dating from the mid 19th century or possibly slightly earlier. The eight sided stoneware bowl stands raise...
Xupes Limited
Very Large Porcelain Dresden 'Bolognese' Dog after the Model by Kandler
Very Large porcelain Dresden 'Bolognese' dog after the Model by Kandler 1706-1775 ('Bologner Hund' or 'Le Chien Bolonais'). Hard-paste porcelain pa...
Raymond Horneman
Unusual Antique Staffordshire Large Model of a Dog.
An unusually large Staffordshire model of a reclining dog, on a shaped base with relief moulding. Probably an experimental porcelain body. 'Buy...
Andrew Dando
A Staffordshire porcelain dog
An early 19th century Staffordshire porcelain dog on a serpentine shaped cushion base in the rococo taste.
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Mary Wise & Grosvenor Antiques
Dog money box
Pottery dog as money box
Peter Bunting
Pair of Earthenware Dogs
A small pair of seated earthenware dogs, presented on integrated rectangular bases. Each with a white underglaze, and with further decoration in ch...
Anthony Outred Ltd
Pair of Chinese Famille Verte Lion Dogs (Shishi)
A pair of Chinese famille verte Lion Dogs, or Shishi, the male on the left has is paw on a ball, the female on the right has her paw on a cub, they...
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Kevin Page Oriental Art Ltd
A pair of Japanese Satsuma Lion (Komainu or Shishi) dogs
A pair of Japanese Satsuma cream and gold Lion dogs (Komainu, similar to the Chinese Shishi dogs) believed to ward off evil spirits.
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Kevin Page Oriental Art Ltd
A large imari jar and cover with shishi dog to the top
A large brightly coloured imari jar and cover, with a Shishi dog to the top of the lid, the vase is decorated with a busy floral design and geometr...
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Kevin Page Oriental Art Ltd
Beswick 'Scottie' Scottish Terrier Dog - Model No 286
A cute little dog in need of a good home !
Astley House - Fine Art & Interiors
Pair of Delftware Dogs
A delightful pair of polychrome Delft dogs, seated on integrated bases. Each modeled from earthenware with a white underglaze and decorated with a ...
Anthony Outred Ltd
Minton pearlware mug, painted with Dogs.
19th century Minton pottery cylindrical mug, painted with various hunting dogs in coloured enamels over a printed outline. Gilt rim and floral des...
Andrew Dando
Unusual Staffordshire porcelain large model of a dog.
An unusually large Staffordshire porcelain model of a seated dog. FREE Worldwide postage & packing on this item. ('buy it now' with PayPal on www...
Andrew Dando
A charming pair of turquoise glazed Chinese Fo dogs standing on stylised plinths.
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Mackinnon - Fine Furniture