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The ‘Ceramic Lamps’ category within the Online Galleries website offers an interesting assortment of antique lighting items. Antique ceramic lamp vases that have been converted for modern use and antique candlesticks feature heavily, but often some truly historic pieces from as far back as 5AD also feature amongst the wide selection of pieces.Whatever your preferences are when it comes to ceramic lamps, we’re sure that Online Galleries will help you to source a piece that fits the bill. But in the event that you can’t find the ceramic lamp you’re looking for, then it’s worth noting that our collection of featured antique lighting pieces are updated on a daily basis by any one of our 300 member dealers. If your keyword search returns no results, then our system will suggest one of our member antique dealers that may be able to assist you in your search for your antique lighting piece.

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172 Results
Pair of Crackleware Hexagonal Vase Lamps
Pair of hexagonal crackle ware pottery vase lamps with rural and mountain landscape.Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair of Dogs of Fo Lamps
Pair of ivory coloured lamps in the form of "Dogs of Fo". Modern
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
A Nineteenth Century Chinoiserie Vase
A superb nineteenth century ceramic vase decorated throughout with polychrome chinoiseries on a blackened glaze ground. Now mounted as a lamp with...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
Pair of 'Sang de Boeuf' Pottery Lamps
Pair of Sang de Boeuf pottery vase lamps, Eastern. Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair of Clobbered Porcelain Vase Lamps
Pair of clobbered porcelain Vase Lamps with lime green palm tree decoration. Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
A Pair of Mid Nineteenth Century Chinese Craquelleure Vases
A very fine pair of mid nineteenth century Chinese polychrome vases decorated throughout with polychrome ornamentation on a craquelleure ground. T...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
A Pair of Green Glazed Bulbous Vases as Lamps
A pair of green glazed pottery vases of good scale, now converted to electric lamp bases
Timothy Langston
Early 18th Century Japanese Arita lamped Vase, circa 1680
A colourful Japanese Arita vase dating from ca. 1680 which has been clobbered in Europe, possibly in Holland, in the early 18th century. Now conve...
Raymond Horneman
An 18th Century Japanese Imari Vase Lamped, circa 1700
A beautifully decorated Japanese Imari vase, early 18th century. Four panels depicting court scenes with ladies and horses, particularly fine dec...
Raymond Horneman
Large Blue and White Japanese Porcelain Vase as a Lamp, Early 18th Century
A large and impressive lamped Japanese Imari vase of bulbous form characterized by a white background decorated with clouds, trees, fences and pago...
Raymond Horneman
Pair of 17th Century Japanese Imari Vases as Table Lamps, circa 1680
Interesting pair of bulbous Japanese Imari vases, one in perfect condition and one with few restoration on the back dating from ca. 1680-1700. The...
Raymond Horneman
Pair of Canton Pottery Lamps
Pair of Canton design pottery vase lamps of octagonal form with panels of tables, flowers and foliage. Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair of Crackleware Ginger Jar Lamps.
Pair of crackleware ginger jar Lamps. Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Late 19th Century French Porcelain Vase
A massive and well decorated 19th Century French Porcelain Vase. Enamelled with flowers and foliage. The top section repaired.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
A Mid 19th Century Canton Vase as a Lamp
A fine mid 19th century Canton vase, profusely decorated and with gilded animal masks, now mounted as a lamp
Tarquin Bilgen
A Pair of Art Pottery Vases by Eva Samuelsson
A pair of art pottery vases in unglazed ceramic with twisting grey stripes. By Eva Samuelsson.
Tarquin Bilgen
Chinese Ginger Jar, now a Lamp
Antique Chinese Ginger Jar with blue and white decoration, now converted to a table lamp. Has a turned wooden gilded base. All new fitments and wir...
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Summers Davis Antiques Ltd
Pair of French ormolu mounted blue porcelain lamps
The ovoid shaped body rising to a flared top, mounted with greek style pattern ormolu handles either side ending with lion masks and a petal shaped...
Judy Fox Antiques
Pair of Oriental Ovoid Vase lamps
Pair of green ground ovoid lamps with amusing Oriental figures. Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
A pair of Chinese turquoise parrot lamps
A pair of Chinese turquoise parrots mounted as lamps with ormolu, the stem imitating bamboo.
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Fleurdelys Antiquites
Pair of Crackleware Lobed Vase Lamps
Pair of crackleware lobed pottery vase lamps of ovoid form. Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair of Blue Chinese Porcelain Table Lamps
A pair of turquoise incised ceramic lamps with floral motifs on turned wood bases.
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Pair of porcelain lamps
A fine pair of Paris ormolu mounted porcelain lamps painted with flowers on a white ground, circa 1850.
James Graham-Stewart Ltd
Pair of Decalcomania Lamps
Hand decorated with butterflies, parrots, a cockatoo and flowers. Height: 22 ½” (57cm) Diameter: 8” (20.5cm)
Anthony Outred Ltd
Debenham Antiques Ltd.
Victorian Pottery Oil Lamp
A fine example of a Victorian Staffordshire pottery oil lamp. The lamp is held in a brass frame, the pottery is decorated with dark blue and red...
Graham Smith Antiques
A Pair of Double Gourd Turquoise Lamps
A pair of early twentieth century double gourd vases with a turquoise glaze
Tarquin Bilgen
Guinness Toucan Lamps
Two Carltonware Guinness toucan lamps, and one original shade. Both lamps have the Guiness slogan "How Grand to be a Toucan, Just think what Tou...
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Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Pair of Restored 19th Century Vases Converted to Lamps
Pair of restored 19th century vases converted to lamps Dimensions: height 24" (61cm) Diameter 11" (28cm) All of the items that we advertis...
Walton House Antiques
A Fine Monochrome Blue Glaze Vase
A fine late nineteenth century vase with a dark blue glaze, now mounted as a lamp
Tarquin Bilgen
A Fine Late 19th Century Famille Verte Vase
A fine late nineteenth century Famille Verte vase, with floral decoration, now converted as a lamp
Tarquin Bilgen
A Pair of Late 19th Century Celadon Vases
A fine pair of late nineteenth century Celadon vases decorated with dragons in under glaze blue, now mounted as lamps
Tarquin Bilgen
A Pair of Paris Porcelain Vases of Large Scale
A fine pair of Paris Porcelain vases of large scale, decorated with Chinoiserie figures
Tarquin Bilgen
A Fine Red Flambé Vase
A fine early twentieth century red flambé vase with a slender bottleneck, now converted as a lamp
Tarquin Bilgen
Antique Chinese-Export Porcelain Baluster Vase Table Lamp
Antique early 20th century Chinese-export porcelain vase of baluster form, with moulded handles; decorated in coloured enamels with crysanthemums...
Peacock's Finest
A Large Scale French Terracotta Vase
An attractive large scale French terracotta vase with ribbed decoration. Now mounted as a lamp. All of our lamps can be wired for use worldwi...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
Late 19th Century Japanese Imari Vase
An attractive Japanese Imari vase now mounted as a lamp. The vase decorated with floral motifs around a central panel featuring stylised bamboo an...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
Large Scale Late 19th Century Japanese Imari Vase
An attractive large scale Japanese Imari vase now mounted as a lamp. The ribbed vase decorated with floral motifs around a central panel featuring...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
Pair of Chinese Porcelain Blue and White Vases of Baluster Form
A very fine pair of large Chinese porcelain blue and white vases of baluster form, painted with figures in decorative landscapes with incised bands...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
Chinese Green Glazed Baluster Vase with Deer Head Twin Handles
A charming Chinese green glazed baluster form vase with deer head twin handles and craqueleur decoration. Now mounted as a lamp with a hand-gild...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
Pair Chinese Blanc de Chine lamps
A very pleasing and decorative pair of Chinese Blanc de chine Guanyin lamps, each mounted on a scrolling hardwood base and lotus leaf style shades.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Pair Chinese antique crackleware vases / lamps
An impressive pair of 19th century Chinese crackleware vases, having classical scenes of warriors on horseback and mounted with gilded French ormol...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Charming Medium Sized Lamped Japanese Imari Early 18th Century Vase
A charming lamped Japanese Imari early 18th century vase of medium proportions. The main body of the vase is decorated in iron red and cobalt blue ...
Raymond Horneman
Exceptional Japanese Imari Lamped Vase, circa 1700
An exceptionally decorated octagonal shaped medium sized Japanese Imari vase dating, circa 1700. Large floral panels showing chrysanthemums and peo...
Raymond Horneman
Unusual 17th Century Lamped Delft Blue & White Vase with Manganese Highlights
An unusual late 17th century delft blue and white vase with Manganese highlights. The vase itself has an unusual shape and may have been used as a ...
Raymond Horneman
Lamped Japanese 17th Century Blue Glazed Arita Vase with Gilt Decoration
A very rare and unusual Japanese blue glazed Arita vase with gilt chinoiserie decoration dating from circa 1700. The dark blue glaze is very unusua...
Raymond Horneman
Large Lamped Late 17th Century Japanese Octagonal Blue and White Arita Vase
A large late 17th century Japanese octagonal Arita blue and white vase, circa 1680. The vase is of octagonal baluster form, boldly painted with roc...
Raymond Horneman
Extremely Rare 17th Century Lamped Arita Vase
An extremely rare Arita vase, late 17th century, lamped. The ovoid vase is decorated in underglaze blue with a large Ho-Ho bird or Phoenix surround...
Raymond Horneman
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