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A rare ten-sided Kakiemon dish from the property of Augustus III
With the far east symbols of longevity: flaming tortoise, dragon, crane, bamboo and pine-tree, painted in brillant Meissen Kakiemon colours. Por...
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Elfriede Langeloh
19th Century, Chinese Sang de Boeuf Vase as a Lamp
A period (circa 1850) tall Chinese oxblood vase featuring a rich and deep red color with purple shades. Vase height 40 cm- 15 in. Lamped with a h...
Raymond Horneman
Squat South China Storage Jar
A squat lustrous black and brown glazed South Chinese Storage jar, the upper surface with raised lines and trickles of glaze around the circumferen...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Pair Of Large Scale South Chinese Pottery Storage Jars
A fabulous pair of large scale 18th century South Chinese Storage Jars, of bulbous form with mottled brown lustrous glaze and applied ornamental my...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Pair of 'Sang de Boeuf' Pottery Lamps
Pair of Sang de Boeuf pottery vase lamps, Eastern. Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
South China Storage Jar
Antique South China Pottery Storage Jar, with mottled brown glaze showing colourations of ochre, faun, russet and light greens above an unglazed ba...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Chinese porcelain ewer Chongzhen Period. European silver mounts.
A Chinese porcelain ewer, Chongzhen Period, c. 1640, (Transitional Period)The Islamic shaped ewer, having an elegant 'S' spout, attached to the bod...
Philip Carrol
A Chinese elegant red Peking Glass Vase, imitating marble effect, Circa 1800
A Chinese elegant red Peking Glass vase, imitating marble effect, Circa 1800 约1800年 大理石纹红料长颈瓶
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Fleurdelys Antiquites
18th Century Chinese Porcelain Tea Pot
An 18th century Chinese export porcelain tea pot and lid. The round tea pot is decorated with scenes of Chinese ladies and children painted with...
Graham Smith Antiques
Rare South Chinese 17th Century Storage Jar
A rare early 17th / 18th century South Chinese Storage jar of large proportions, the surface with an ochre glaze, revealing incised ornament, the n...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
18th century chinese porcelain coffee pot
Chinese porcelain coffee pot, or hot water jug with domed lid. Decorated with delicate flower sprays in famille rose colours. Original holes in ha...
W A Pinn & Sons
A Pair of Ivory Craquelle Glaze Bottle Vases
A good pair of ivory craquelle glaze bottle vases, now converted as lamps
Tarquin Bilgen
19th C. Yellow Oriental Table Lamp
This attractive and stylish Oriental table lamp is hand painted with an ornate and busy design of flora and fauna against a bright yellow backgroun...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
Large Green Glazed South China Storage Jar
A 17th - 18th Century South Chinese pottery storage jar, the surface with raised animal and floral motifs below a mottled green glaze, the urn sho...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Late 19th Century Pair of Faceted Glass Vases
A most attractive pair of faceted glass vases. Fine gilded decoration, retaining original gilt bronze pierced bases and elaborate top.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Ca Mau Chinese Shipwreck Cargo Lion Figure c1725
This is actually a water dropper, having a biscuit finish with head turned and mouth open in a roar. The large doleful eyes make it love at first s...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Ca Mau Shipwreck Cargo Buddhistic Lion Water Dropper c1725
This interesting piece is partially glazed in green and brown, each one is individual. The lion was acquired in Vietnam around 1998-9 directly from...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Chinese Cockerels
A delightful pair of C19 Chinese ceramic Cockerels, underglaze white and brown, the heads cold painted red. They are in the traditional Chinese sty...
Sarah Gildon
Ca Mau Chinese Shipwreck Cargo Horse and Rider Figure c1725
This interesting biscuit free standing figure is wearing an aubergine glazed scholars cap and a green glazed gown. He is riding side saddle on a du...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Large Green And White Glazed South China Storage Jar
A large-scale 18th-century white and mottled green South China Pottery Storage Vase. Height 24in 61cm Diameter 16in 41cm
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Tek Sing Shipwreck Cargo Pestle and Mortar c1822
Circular stone mortar of shallow baluster form with matching pestle. Recovered from the Tek Sing Shipwreck Cargo. Pestle Length 8.4cm. M...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Ca Mau Chinese Shipwreck Porcelain Seated Boy Figure c1725
These little boys are quite rare, there were only 178 sold by Sotheby’s and quite a few were damaged, most charming little people. They are glaz...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
19th Century Pottery Vase With Oriental Figures
An unusual 19th Century pottery Vase with oriental figures in a romanticised landscape with rope handles.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
A 19th Century Famiille Verte Porcelain Vase
A 19th century waisted vase and lid the famille verte porcelain with exotic figures and foliage and matching borders to the top and bottom. Excelle...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Tek Sing Chinese Shipwreck Cargo Seated Boy Figure c1822
This is an extremely rare piece from the Tek Sing Cargo. This seated boy is beautifully moulded, the body is unglazed with a blue glazed bib on the...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Hoi An Hoard Domed Pot and cover c1480
A charming little piece from the Hoi An Hoard, the cover has been hand moulded with slight pie crust detailing and the pot body bears the remains...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Diana Chinese Shipwreck Porcelain Cargo Fitzhugh Ruyi Dish c1816
A most attractive heart shaped Ruyi dish with the Fitzhugh pattern painted with the fruit of a Lingshi fungus. The centre is finely painted with fo...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Tek Sing Shipwreck Cargo Shallow Dishes c1822
Two shallow dishes of attractive form, depicting a petal shaped rim. Each has a moulded well with an all over meander motif around a central chrysa...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Ca Mau Chinese Shipwreck Cargo Rare Toad Water dropper c1725
This fabulous little creature was the most sought after in the Sotheby’s Ca Mau sale. There were only twenty three of them, these being the lar...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
An ormolu mounted Chinese Famille verte porcelain lamp
The ovoid shaped body decorated throughout in the famille verte colour tones of green and red depicting nature scenes with floral and foliate motif...
Judy Fox Antiques
18th Century Chinese Porcelain Service Commissioned for a Noble Swedish Wedding
Part of a unique Chinese porcelain service commissioned for a Swedish wedding with the arms of a noble family as denoted by the Comital or Coronet....
John Bly
Pair of 18th Century Canton Porcelain Vase Lamps
An exceptional pair of 18th century Canton porcelain slender ovoid vase lamps, circa 1780 with cast and chiseled 19th century gilt bronze Rococo mo...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
A Rare Square Section 19th Century Chinese Lamp
A rare square section 19th century Chinese vase with applied three dimensional figures. The body beautifully decorated in enamel. Sprays of flowers...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Nanking Chinese Shipwreck Porcelain Cargo Spittoons c1750
A rare pair of blue, white and enameled spittoons, painted with tree peony issuing from rockwork on the globular body with a band of petals around ...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Pair of Canton Porcelain Lamps.
Pair of Canton porcelain lamps with applied 'one hundred antiques'.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair of 19th Century Canton Porcelain Lamps
Pair of 19th century Canton porcelain vase lamps, with 18th century gilding. The ovoid bodies with oriental flowers decoration. Heavily cast bases.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair Of Chinese Porcelain Blue And White Vases As Lamps
A pair of Chinese blue and white vases mounted as lamps with flowing floral decoration. ​ Height 14.5in 37cm Diameter 12in 30cm ​
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
A Fine Early Worcester Coffee Pot
A fine early Worcester coffee pot of globular form. The main body moulded and we finely painted bouquet and wild captivating flowers.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair of Imari Porcelain Lamps.
Pair of Imari porcelain lamps. Modern. Imari began to be exported to Europe, because the Chinese kilns at Ching-te-Chen were damaged in the poli...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Ca Mau Chinese Shipwreck Porcelain Cargo Boy on a Promontory Saucer Dish c1725
Boy on a Promontory pattern saucer dish. This lovely blue and white piece depicts a boy seated on a rocky ledge at the edge of a lake, in the di...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Chinese Export Porcelain Teapot & Stand.
18th century Chinese export porcelain small teapot & cover, with matching stand. Decorated with stylized flower groups etc in 'famille rose' colou...
Andrew Dando
A Rare Pair of 18th Century Chinese Deep Rectangular Dishes
A rare pair of 18th century Chinese deep rectangular dishes. The borders of bamboo fretwork in design with lozenges of exotic birds. The central pa...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Chinese Republic Large Pottery Figure of Buddha with 5 Attendant Boys
This well-proportioned and beautifully detailed Chinese Republic piece depicts Buddha with 5 attendant boys. The sculpture features hand painted en...
Thomas Crabb Antiques
Blue Chrysanthemum Chinese Shipwreck Porcelain Tea Pot and Cover Kangxi c1660
Made during the Kangxi period, this tea pot is skilfully decorated with a variety of barbed floral panels, each containing either Wild rabbit or ...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Pair Chinese porcelain figure groups of Guanyin.
A pair of Chinese porcelain groups, c. 1880. Both figures modelled as Guanyin holding Pearls, and sat upon an elephant, and a dog of Fo. Both figur...
Philip Carrol