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Tennis Beer Stein
A beautiful German stoneware 1/2 liter beer stein with its original hinged pewter lid. The Stein is decorated with a tennis scene and the front is ...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
Stoneware Tankard
Late 18th century stoneware tankard with a Sheffield Plate rim and lid. Perhaps London, circa 1800. dia. 6 in x h.6.5 in.
Greber Pair French Art Pottery Leaf Dishes C.1899-1933
A stunning pair French Greber art pottery dishes modeled as leaves, the stems forming handles decorated in green and brown glazes with fine surface...
Xupes Limited
Tek Sing Shipwreck Cargo Pestle and Mortar c1822
Circular stone mortar of shallow baluster form with matching pestle. Recovered from the Tek Sing Shipwreck Cargo. Pestle Length 8.4cm. M...
Roger Bradbury Antiques
Pair of English Stoneware Candlesticks.
Pair of 19th century English 'smear-glazed' stoneware small candlesticks, decorated with applied moulded scenes of children playing etc. 'Buy Th...
Andrew Dando
Monk Toby Tankard.
Heavy stoneware blue glazed Tankard in the shape of a Monk. His head and shouders lift up by pushing down on the pewter lever attached at the back ...
Sally Turner Antiques
Antique 19th Century Stoneware Pitcher
A large stoneware pitcher, the neck has extensive reeded decoration of a dark brown colour and the body shaded to a lighter tone has a slightly pro...
J Collins & Son
Wedgwood Black Basalt portrait plaque of Bluecher
Black Basalt portrait plaque of Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Fürst von Wahlstatt (1742-1819), by Wedgwood, profile bust facing left in uniform ...
Fabian Stein & Co. Ltd.
Pair of Chinese Stoneware Fu Dogs
A fine pair of stoneware Fu Dogs glazed in amber and Green.
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
19thc Slipware Dated Pottery Money Box
A nice example of a 19thc Slip decorated Money Box, decorated with the words M.A. mad Me 1764, it has a chicken as a finial and is made as a two co...
Mark Seabrook Antiques
An unusual pair of stoneware vases
Each of tapering and angular amphora form, bearing mask-like handles on either side, decorated with scenes of country life
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Pair of Basalt Sphinx.
A well modelled pair of English Basalt Sphinx on rectangular bases. Attributed to Wedgwood. Unmarked. 'Buy This item Now' with Free Worldwide ...
Andrew Dando
Antique English saltglaze pottery creamer Staffordshire 18th century
Perfection in pottery, an exquisite saltglaze stoneware creamer made in Staffordshire mid 18th century period.
John Howard
Mason's Stoneware Chunese vase
A Rare Mason's stoneware vase, decorated with relief moulded Chinese figures, around landscape garden, mountains and trees. Unmarked Size:16.3/...
Winson Antiques
Tall Necked White Ellipse
Sarah Perry trained at Camberwell Art School where she was taught by Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. During the 1990's her work was sold at Liberty's, H...
Milne & Moller
Antique English pottery salt-glaze mould, Staffordshire 18th centruy
A fine example of a fruit jelly mold made in stoneware with a saltglaze. The circular dish is in deep relief with images of pears, peaches,berries,...
John Howard
19th Century Doulton Copper Ware Loving Cup
A good example of a Doulton copper ware loving cup, which when made was painted with a copper lustre on a hard silicon stoneware body, to simulate ...
J Collins & Son
19th Century Salt Glazed Stoneware Posts
Manufactured by Ellis in 1880s, this set of three glazing posts would be used to embellish the exterior of some of the most decorative buildings in...
Duck & Bear Art Studio
C19th Stoneware Eagle
A large and impressive C19th stoneware eagle, in good overall condition. Minor firing damage to underside of base. 19" x 23" high 8" dee...
G D Ginger Antiques
Black and White Ellipse with neck
Sarah Perry trained at Camberwell Art School where she was taught by Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. During the 1990's her work was sold at Liberty's, H...
Milne & Moller
Antique saltglaze buff coloured stoneware figure of a standing goat early 19th c...
A finely modeled stoneware pottery buff coloured figure of a standing goat on base. A very rare example and unrecorded in any of the standard refe...
John Howard
Stoneware Ewer
A very large imposing white stoneware ewer, that is a jug without a spout. English, white glazed stoneware, circa 1900 Height: 13.5 inches Width:...
Antiques at York's Tenement
Vintage Royal Doulton Fishing Jug, Noke. A good Royal Doulton Isaac Walton ware jug by Charles Noke, depicting two fishermen. The thin bodied, bul...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
C19th Stoneware Pots/Planters
A good run of five C19th Stoneware pots/planters with an unusual decoration. Minor bumps and knock but no major damage or cracks. High 12" ...
G D Ginger Antiques
Antique Stoneware Trough
A fine stoneware trough. Originally a feeding trough, it now makes a wonderful garden planter. In excellent condition. In its natural weathere...
Adams Antiques
English Saltglaze Sauceboat.
A good mid 18th century Staffordshire saltglazed stoneware sauceboat, with relief moulded pastoral scenes of cattle etc, picked out in bright ename...
Andrew Dando
Huge C19th Stoneware Jug
A very large C19th stoneware jug with front lifting handle-no repairs, minor flake to glaze on rim of lip. High 24" Dia 12" Price £490
G D Ginger Antiques
Pair of English Saltglazed Stoneware baskets & Stands
A good pair of mid 18th century Staffordshire saltglazed stoneware oval, two handled, lattice work baskets with stands. 'Buy This item Now' with...
Andrew Dando
Staffordshire Saltglaze Cornucopia 'Flora'
A large and very well modelled 18th century Staffordshire saltglazed stoneware cornucopia/wall pocket, with moulded scrolling and relief moulded po...
Andrew Dando
Adam White Stoneware Tankart / Mug
LARGE ADAMS WHITE STONEWARE TANKARD / MUG. A large white stoneware tankard by Adams. The mug has a large handle and a plated metal rim made by Tho...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
Yuan Blue and White Round Jar
Yuan Blue and White beaded rounded jar rare larger size than the slightly more common ones. The design shows beads of applied 'pearls of beads' ma...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
Staffordshire pottery saltglaze poittery basket and stand antique period mid 18t...
A fine English saltglaze stoneware pottery basket and stand with elaborated reticulated and relief decoration. Made in Staffordshire in the mid 18...
John Howard
Antique Stoneware Tree Trunk Planter, Victorian
An unusual large and heavy stoneware piece shaped as a tree trunk. Victorian Grotto furniture. Glazed and hollow inside, with drainage hole at ...
Adams Antiques
Antique English 18th-century Salt-glaze Stoneware Heart Sweetmeat or Pickle Dish...
Antique 18th century English saltglazed stoneware large sectioned saltglazed heart dish is a rare survivor of this form. The circular sweetmeat...
Earle D Vandekar of Knightsbridge Inc
Ming 15th Century Carved Celadon Basin
Ming Celadon deep Basin made at Longquan towards the end of the 15th century. Excellent deep green glaze covering a deep carved decoration to show...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques
Couple 2 and Couple 3
Couple 2 - 38 cms THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD Couple 3 - 35 cms THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD Lilia Umana-Clarke was born in Columbia and moved to England in...
Milne & Moller
Pair of English saltglaze pottery figures of Spaniels on bases Briddon Derbyshir...
This model is probably the best ever produced in England in the early 19th century. The magnificent pair of spaniels are crisply modelled with cu...
John Howard
Antique English Saltglaze Stoneware Jug with Polychrome Decoration
Antique English Saltglaze stoneware Jug with Polychrome Figural Decoration, Mid-18th Century. The jug is painted in colourful enamels with a co...
Earle D Vandekar of Knightsbridge Inc
Large Stoneware Lion.
Flatback stoneware model of a recumbent lion. Damage to foreleg. See our website for information on our business and more int...
W A Pinn & Sons
Angel 2, Angel 3, Angel 4
Angel 2 - 65 cms £680 - sorry, these items are no longer available Angel 3 - 56 cms £580 Angel 4 - 53 cms £500 Lilia Umana-Clarke was bor...
Milne & Moller
Tall Figure (1)
THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD. Lilia Umana-Clarke was born in Columbia and moved to England in 1979. After graduating from the University of Hertfor...
Price On Application
Milne & Moller
An 18th Century Saltglaze Dish Painted with Enamels
A lovely English salt glazed stoneware dish painted in bright enamel colors showing a seated shepherd playing the flute with his dog by his side an...
English Saltglaze small teapot, claret ground.
An unusually small 18th century English saltglazed white stoneware teapot and cover, with 'crabstock' handle & spout, decorated with polychrome pan...
Andrew Dando
Antique 15thc Raeren Stoneware Wine Jug
A nice example of a late 15thc Raeren Stoneware Wine Jug, imported with its wine from Germany for the English Market, it has survived well, apart f...
Mark Seabrook Antiques
Ming Longquan Celadon Warming Bowl
Ming late 16th Century celadon warming bowl, made at the kilns at Longquan. An unusual and rare item. A difficult piece to pot in celadon. The bo...
Catherine Hunt Oriental Antiques