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DONATELLO (1386-1466)
An Italian terracotta bust after Donatello
Made in the 19th Century, this very realistic bust was created in honor of Donatello's bust of Niccolo da Uzzano, made in the 15th Century, exhibit...
Judy Fox Antiques
Beautiful Goldscheider Figurine Of Cocky Boy C1900
Beautiful Goldscheider Figurine Of Cocky Boy C1900 23ins tall £1250
David Wolfenden Antiques
Austrian late 19th century reclining terracotta Pug dog
An Austrian late 19th century handcrafted and hand painted terracotta Pug dog with collar in a reclining pose. The Pug is depicted reclining wea...
LVS Decorative Arts Ltd.
Terracotta Figure of a Boy sitting in a Chair by Goldschneider
This wonderful 19th C. life size figure of a young boy sitting in a chair was made by Goldschneider, a well-known manufacturer of the period. The b...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
Narino Amphora
Large terracotta Narino Amphora with black geometric lines. The Narino civilization ( 500-1250 AD. ) lived on a high plateau of Colombia.
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Herwig Simons
Goldschneider Sculpture of a Maiden with a Basket
This superb and well-proportioned sculpture, originally by Friedrich Goldschneider features a charming maiden in a gracefully moving pose carrying ...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
Pair Goldscheider Nubians
A pair of Goldscheider nubian boys dressed in boater hats, ties and jackets, leaning on a fence.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Two Italian glazed terracotta Garden lemon tree planters
Fine pair of glazed terracotta pots, with mottled greens, yellows and browns. decorated with a blank shield. Missing band of molding to the rear.
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
18th century North Devon earthenware tile dated 1708
18th-century North Devon earthenware relief tile with a fleur-de-lys design, dated 1708 and initialled TW for Thomas Wickey, born 1690, who worked ...
Celia Jennings
An Antique Terracotta figure of a British Bulldog
A lifelike figure of a British Bulldog in the manner of Goldscheider, potted in terracotta, and realistically hand painted.
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Pair of Italian large glazed terracotta Garden Pots
Of Large scale : A fine pair of glazed terracotta pots, with mottled greens, yellows and browns. decorated with a Bacchanalian mask Height 23 i...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Early 20th Century Terracotta Sculpture of Ostriches
Early 20th century terracotta sculpture of two ostriches with a patinated bronzed finish. The larger ostrich, poised with head raised and prominen...
Gary Wright Antiques Ltd
A 19th century terracotta amphora
Of typical bulbous form with narrow neck, here supported by an adapted wrought iron base.
Architectural Heritage Ltd.
Terracotta Female bust 19th Century
A very pleasing French 19th Century Terracotta Bust of a classical women, set on a Rouge Marble sockel.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
19th Century Terracotta Female Bust
A very pleasing French 19th century terracotta bust of a girl with a head and shoulder scarf.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
19th Century Terracotta sculpture of a Monkey
French or Italian, 19th century ​A wonderfully amusing naturalistically sculpted pottery seated monkey. Crouched and facing forwards with its ...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
A Rare Tang Dynasty Terracotta Camel
A rare Tang dynasty terracotta figure of a Bactrian camel, with original paint residue
Tarquin Bilgen
CARLO ALBACINI (c.1760-1807)
Portrait of the Emperor Lucius Verus
This heroic size terracotta is a copy after the antique of a portrait of the Roman emperor Lucius Verus. The magnified, larger-than-life dimensions...
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Daniel Katz Ltd
A Terracotta Figure of a Reclining Nymph, La Source after a model by Claude Mic...
The naked figure of a nymph with her head resting on her arm and her eyes closed, is reclining on drapery, and leaning against an overturned urn, w...
Frank Partridge
A Fine Chinese Terracotta Model of a Prancing Horse, Tang Dynasty
The elegant horse finely modelled shown striding forward with right foreleg raised and head held high, with flared nostrils and mouth open, the doc...
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Gibson Antiques
A Flower Arrangement of Peonies & Assorted Flowers in a Terracotta Urn
An oil on canvas of a flower arrangement of peonies and assorted flowers in vibrant colours and presented in a terracotta urn decorated with cherub...
Bushwood Antiques
A Goldscheider Arab Figure
A good quality terracotta Arab figures, in the manner of Goldscheider.
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
A Terracotta Buff Orpington Hen
A smoke fired terracotta sculpture of a recumbent Buff Orpington hen called Corrie
Tarquin Bilgen
Four Ancient East Greek Phrygian Terracotta Tiles
A Collection of Four Ancient East Greek Phrygian Terracotta Tiles from an Architectural Frieze Decorated with Equestrian Scenes Probably from the ...
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Finch & Co
19th century French terracotta orientalist group
A 19th century French terracotta orientalist group.
Wick Antiques Ltd
C19th decorated terracotta chinaman
A C19th decorated terracotta chinaman, retaining its original colourful polychrome decoration; his traditional oriental costume with straw coollie ...
Gary Wright Antiques Ltd
Mid-19th Century French Pottery Maquette of a Maiden
A lovely and very detailed mid-19th century French pottery Maquette of a maiden poised on a round green marble base. She measures 11 ¼ in – 28.5...
Thomas Crabb Antiques
19th Century Trio of Large Terracotta Chimney Pots
An unusual 19th century trio of large terracotta chimney pots of cylindrical form with contrasting decoration consisting of a lattice design, a mor...
Gary Wright Antiques Ltd
Indian Terracotta Relief, 5th century
A large terracotta relief depicting a bust in a nice, Indian, Uttar Pradesh, Gupta period, 5th century A.D. This terracotta figure of a deity woul...
Raymond Horneman
HENRI WEIGÈLE (1858-1927)
One terracotta bust of a young girl by Henri Weigele
Depicting a young girl with a bow in her hair, wearing a lace trimmed top, surmounted on a short waisted base. Born in Schierbach, Haut-Rhin, We...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Florentine terracotta jar.
A large terracotta jar bearing the arms of Florence ,very good shape with fine handles and crest.18th century but possibly earlier.
F.E. Anderson & Son
A terracotta figure of Dante Alighieri.
This beautifully detailed and hand painted terracotta figure dates from the 1920's and is probably Italian, it stands on a Victorian marble column....
W.J. Gravener Antiques Ltd.
18th Century Terracotta Portrait of Benjamin Franklin by Nini, circa 1777
The Italian artist, Jean Baptiste (or Giovanni Battista) Nini, based his portrait of Franklin on a drawing by Thomas Walpole, the young son of an a...
Raymond Horneman
Good Quality large Late 19th Century Terracotta Carved Lobed Urn
A good quality late 19th century terracotta carved lobed urn in good condition. Circa 1900. All of the items that we advertise for sale have...
Walton House Antiques
Mid-19th Century Chinoiserie Terracotta Vase as a Lamp
An unusual Italian terracotta vase decorated with chinoiserie and gold on a dark lacquer background. The naivety of the decoration makes it absolut...
Raymond Horneman
An impressive C19th terracotta life size horses head
An impressive C19th terracotta life size horses head; naturistically sculptured showing his ears pricked forward, flowing mane and raised veins; on...
Gary Wright Antiques Ltd
A Pair of 19th century flowerbaskets
A fine pair of 19th century French painted fruit and flower terracotta baskets, one partially stripped.
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Nicholas Gifford-Mead
19th Century terracotta orientalist group
Set on an orginal giltwood base.
Wick Antiques Ltd
A fine terracotta sculpture of Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, holding ears of wheat with a sheaf by her side. Adorned in billowing draper...
Mallett & Son (Antiques) Ltd
Goldscheider bronzed slip cast figure of Gaucho
An early 20th century bronzed slip cast figure of a gaucho by Friedrich Goldscheider, circa 1907. This nicely cast figure is of a gaucho or Sou...
LVS Decorative Arts Ltd.
A Pair of Garnkirk Nuptial Vases by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson
A Pair of 19th century Garnkirk fireclay Nuptial Vases designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson (1817-1875) and modelled by John Mossman (1817-189...
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Nicholas Gifford-Mead
J H Eversen (1906-1995), Still Life of flowers in a terracotta pot
Charles Plante Fine Arts
Still life with onions and a terracotta pot
Reproduction painted ogee section 1930’s Parisian Artist’s Frame
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Mark Mitchell Paintings & Drawings
A 19th century ceramic stick stand by Bretby
A fine 19th century ceramic stick stand by Bretby, the body with gilt mounts, lion masks and standing on hairy paw feet, the body of pottery with a...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Large painted terracotta figure of St Michael & the Dragon
A large highly decorative Continental polychrome terracotta figure of St Michael & the Dragon, possibly French. This figure is of fine quality, ...
LVS Decorative Arts Ltd.