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English Dial Clock, 12 Inch White Painted Signed Deacon, Sydenham, in a Circular...
An English dial, 12 inch white painted signed Deacon, Sydenham, single-train fusee movement no.5621, with anchor escapement, in a circular mahogany...
Walton House Antiques
Passing Strike Dial Clock
A small English dial clock by Samuel Thompson, Darlington, dating from the 1830-40s. The 8-day fusee movement has a passing strike on the hour o...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Timepiece Fusee Dial Clock, Foord & Son
An 1880s English dial clock with 8-day fusee timepiece movement, and an unusual two-coloured dial. The mahogany case has a hinged side access do...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Antique Longcase Clock, Massey Nantwich
A fine early 19th Century longcase clock with oak case, inlaid with mahogany and satinwood, signed W Massey, Nantwich. William Massey of Nantwi...
Adams Antiques
Brass dial fusee wall clock signed William Brooke, London.
The 14” dial is made from a single sheet of hammered cast brass, which is engraved with Roman hour markers inside a single line minute-track with...
Neill Robinson Blaxill F.B.H.I.
Strike repeat Alarm Carriage Clock, Silvered Mask dial
A beautifully presented late Victorian French gilt brass carriage clock with a more unusual silvered mask to the dial. The eight day movement ha...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
12' Convex Dial Clock
8 Day English Fuse Dial Clock Reference BT41/32
Horological Workshops
BARWISE Drop Dial Wall Timepiece
A fine quality early nineteenth century mahogany wall drop dial timepiece by this prestigious family of clockmakers. The fully signed white painted...
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Howard Walwyn Ltd Fine Antique Clocks
Double Dial Swinging Pendulum Freischwinger Clock
This imposing French bi-metallic two-sided clock, 48 inches (122cms) in height, swings gently with an amplitude of not more than 5cms. The grid...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Dial Clock
8 Day mahogany 8" English Fusee Dial Clock with anchor escapement. J Thornton, Reigate Reference BT41/7
Horological Workshops
Smiths Astral 8' dial ships bulkhead clock
Smiths Astral Admiralty pattern 8" dial 60 second function Royal navy ships bulkhead clock with 8 day movement. Ex HMS Penelope
Anderson Wallrock
DROCOURT A French enamel dial carriage clock
A good French champleve enamel dial carriage clock, the 8-day movement with hour strike on a gong. Height: 5 ½ in (14 cm)
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Howard Walwyn Ltd Fine Antique Clocks
Masked Dial Striking Carriage Clock with repeat
A good Victorian French carriage clock with strike repeat 8-day mechanism, the silvered Arabic dial chapter with filigree brass centre section, and...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
8 inch dial London and South Western Railway clock
A good 1890s 8-inch dial railway clock with fully overhauled fusee timepiece movement. The repainted dial is signed SR (Southern Railways) / Jo...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Eight day fusee dial clock signed Paine Epping.
The convex dial retains the original painted background and is accompanied with nicely balanced pair of steel Breguet style hands. The dial is pro...
Neill Robinson Blaxill F.B.H.I.
An Edinburgh longcase clock with Wilson dial
A mahogany longcase clock of lovely rich colour with an eight-day duration movement that strikes the hours on a bell, the thirteen-inch painted arc...
Leigh Extence
6 ½ “dial Smith’s Astral ship’s bulkhead clock
6 ½ “dial Smith’s Astral ship’s bulkhead clock with brass bezel and black body on a mahogany back-board.
Wick Antiques Ltd
Edwardian Mahogany Dial Wall Clock
A mahogany frame dial wall clock dating to the early 20th Century. It has a brass bezel, a 12 inch diameter dial, which is signed by the original r...
Worboys Antiques
Twin fusee Drop Dial Wall Clock
A good mahogany cased drop dial wall clock by Jones, of SevenOaks. These striking drop dial clocks are few and far between. The eight day two tr...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Oak Brass Dial Grandfather Clock
An 18th century George III oak long case clock by Thomas Clare of Warrington. The clock has a brass and silverised dial with an eight day hour...
Graham Smith Antiques
Late Victorian oak Dial Clock
A 1900s English dial clock with an 8-day fusee timepiece movement, and signed dial. The golden oak case has a hinged side access door, and curve...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Victorian Rosewood and Mother of Pearl Drop Dial Wall Clock
A mid Victorian rosewood drop dial wall clock. It has an octagonal surround and a convex drop base with a window to view the swinging pendulum and ...
Worboys Antiques
Oak Fusee Dial Wall Clock
An early 20th Century solid oak wall clock. It has a turned outer bezel a traditional pegged case with a side and base door. The dial is signed by ...
Worboys Antiques
Nottingham mahogany and painted dial wall clock
A good single fusee mahogany cased wall clock with a large tavern type painted dial signed Hallam, Nottingham
Fusee striking Drop Dial Wall Clock
A very handsome 1830s drop dial wall clock with a curved base, the case veneered in highly figured rosewood. The 12-inch convex iron dial has an...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Smiths Astral ship's bulkhead clock with 8 day movement and 6 1/4' dial
Anderson Wallrock
Chain Fusee Drop Dial Wall Clock by Dutton
An exceptional mahogany drop dial wall clock by Dutton & Co, the dial stamped with the date of manufacture, 1871. The high quality substantial 8...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
D459 Bowed side French carriage clock with black dial
D459 Bowed side French carriage clock with black dial This substantial and very impressive strike/repeat French carriage clock has bowed sides w...
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Derval Antiques
Georgian Mahogany Longcase Clock with Regulator Dial
A rare George III mahogany longcase clock with regulator dial layout, by J. Atkinson, Gateshead. The break-arch case features fine flame mahoga...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Early 19th Century dial clock signed Geo' Watson, London.
Eight-day fusee movement with shaped plates and detailed pillars. Every English fusee clock was fitted with a form of stop-work that locks the wind...
Neill Robinson Blaxill F.B.H.I.
A very fine silver gilt carriage clock by Ernest Evrot
Decorated with acanthus leaves, flames and two putti laying a wreath around the translucent blue guilloche enamel dial
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Oak striking English drop dial wall clock
A fine quality twin fusee 8 day drop-dial clock by Griffiths of Ludlow, dated c.1870. The eight day movement has shaped plates united by knopped...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Large Admiralty Pattern Smiths Astral ship's bulkhead clock with 8 day movement ...
A large admiralty pattern Smith '60' second ships bulkhead clock
Anderson Wallrock
Magnificent Edwardian 8 Day Mahogany Inlaid Marquetry, Brass Arch Dial,Three Tra...
Magnificent Edwardian 8 Day Mahogany Inlaid Marquetry, Brass Arch Dial,Three Train,Antique Longcase Grandfather Musical Clock.Silvered Chapter Ring...
David Wolfenden Antiques
A finely engraved ormolu carriage clock by Bright
The gorge case of typical form, engraved all over with foliate scrolls, with glazed panels, centred by a circular white enamel dial with Roman nume...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
George III mahogany longcase clock with Chinese dial
A mahogany and strung Scottish longcase clock with a Chinese-themed dial. The mahogany case has a swan neck pediment with brass rondels, the doo...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
A Pillared Carriage Clock with Silvered Dial
A 'bambu' cased carriage clock, of a type typical of Jacot, with a fluted handle and unusual silvered and engraved dial which has floral decoration...
Leigh Extence
An unusual mahogany hooded wall clock, with arched silvered dial and 30-hour movement with alarm work. Height: 22 ¼ in (56.5 cm) Width: 8 ½...
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Howard Walwyn Ltd Fine Antique Clocks
Dial Clock
8 Day Mahogany English Fusee Dial Clock. 9” Silvered dial with mock pendulum aperture signed Will. Smith London with restored verge escapement.
Horological Workshops
A Small Silvered Dial Wall Clock
A small walnut wall clock; the round silvered ten-inch dial is engraved with black Roman numerals and the name 'Barraud, Cornhill, London' and has ...
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Leigh Extence
RAF Oak Dial Clock
RAF oak cased dial clock, the solid oak case with lower and side access doors, both case and movement signed for Elliott. The 12-inch pa...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
A mahogany drop-dial wall clock
A interestingly shaped mahogany drop dial wall clock, the eight day fusee movement has an 11 inch round dial painted with black Roman numerals and ...
Leigh Extence
Parkinson & Frodsham large Striking Dial Clock
A fine double fusee mahogany dial clock by this partnership of well-known makers, dating from c.1820. The original 16-inch dial is signed for t...
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
A late 18th century mahogany trunkdial timepiece of exceptional quality and in a remarkable state of preservation. The case of classic early sty...
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Howard Walwyn Ltd Fine Antique Clocks
Bethal Jacobs, Whitefriargate, Hull
A fine late Regency period English wall clock, the 10 inch convex dial with original crackled painted surface and signed by the clock maker on the ...
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Howard Walwyn Ltd Fine Antique Clocks