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French 19th Century Louis XV Style Tortoise Shell Mantel Clock
A very good quality French boulle red tortoise shell serpentine shaped mantel clock with scroll leaf bronze gilt ormolu mounts and carrying handle....
Arrowsmith Antiques
Late 19th century French carriage clock
c.1895 French gorge-cased gilt-bronze grand-sonnerie carriage clock. Maker - ETC The gorge case with beveled glasses and a hinged handle. ...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Antique French Gilt Bronze Clock with Portrait Plaque of Molière 19th Century
This is a superb antique French gilt bronze mantel clock with a profusion of Bleu Celeste porcelain panels in the Sevres manner, circa 1860 in date...
Regent Antiques
Late 19th century grande-sonnerie carriage clock
c.1875 French Gilt-Bronze Gorge-Cased Grand-Sonnerie Multi-Dial Carriage Clock Inv. #: F215 The large gilt-bronze gorge style case has crisp...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Early 19th century porcelain lyre clock.
c.1820 Very Rare Ormolu and ‘bleu turquoise’ Porcelain Lyre Clock. Inv. #: P146 Joseph Dieudonné Kinable Richard Symes – Dialmaker ...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
French Annular Clock by Leroy & Cie
Cupid himself indicates the time on this superb Louis XVI-style annular dial clock by L. Leroy & Cie. Sculpted of the finest Carrara marble, this e...
M. S. Rau Antiques
French Mantel Clock, Circa 19th Century
We present you this French mantel lock in a brass case, circa Q3 of the 19th century. The dial with numbers on enameled plates, closed with glass ...
Antique Beauty Sp. z o.o.
19th-centry quarter-striking carriage clock by Leroy, Paris,
The gilt-brass, so-called corniche case has bevelled glass panels on all sides so that the movement is entirely visible. It is surmounted by a shap...
Alexander George Fine Antiques Ltd
19 century French 4 oval glass panelled clock.
A French mantle clock of large proportions with 4 oval beveled edge glass panels in a wonderful brass and ormolu oval case of high quality castings...
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Borthwick Trading Antiques
The Astronomy pendulum clock, gilt bronze
Allegorical clock representing Urania, the muse of the astronomy. She holds the celestial globe and a scientific instrument, her attributes since a...
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L'Egide Antiquités
Paul Frey Miniature 18 Karat Gold and Jade Clock
An exceptionally rare objet d'art, this opulent and incredibly rare French miniature clock is crafted of solid 18-karat gold and jade. Crafted by P...
M. S. Rau Antiques
French Cloisonne Champleve Enamel Round Mantle Clock with Columns
French Cloisonne / champleve enamel round mantel clock with columns. Late 19th century. We cannot guarantee the movement of function of the clock...
Solomon Treasure
French Onyx and Brass Four Glass Mantel Clock
A nice quality French Belle Epoque onyx marble and brass four glass mantel clock with decorative white enamel dial. The clock has a French eight da...
Arrowsmith Antiques
French 19th century bronze /ormolu/ marble clock
A wonderful quality French bronze /ormolu and red marble mantel clock The pictures show all the quality bronze and superb ormolu details of this ...
Borthwick Trading Antiques
Dutch Mid 18th Century Longcase Clock by Pietre & Jan Morjin
A mid 18th-century Dutch burr-walnut longcase clock with planisphere dial by Pietre and Jan Morjin, Amsterdam. The case of typical form surmount...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Louis XVI Period Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock
A good Louis XVI period gilt bronze mantel clock retailed in London by C J Whittaker and signed on the dial. Two figures supporting the central mec...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
French 'Japonisme' Gilt-Metal Mounted Three-Piece Porcelain Clock Garniture
French "Japonisme" gilt-metal mounted three-piece Porcelain clock garniture. Very charming clock set with chinoiserie design. Clock: 11" high x 6...
Solomon Treasure
Late 19th century Bras-en-l'air mantle clock.
c.1895 French Bras-en-L’air Clock Inv. #: f240 A rare c.1895 French Bras-en-L’air clock with the arms of the maiden indicating the hours...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Late 19th century French bronze and marble perpetual calendar clock
c.1875 French Gilt-Bronze and White Marble Mantle Clock with Perpetual Calendar. Inv. #: f200 A. Brocot & Delettrez, Paris. The gilt-bron...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
French 19th Century Boulle Mantel Clock
A very good quality French boulle red tortoise shell and engraved brass inlaid bell shaped mantel clock with ormolu mounts and decorative boulle ba...
Arrowsmith Antiques
Small French Marble Portico Mantel Clock
A small Veined marble mantel clock dating to the late 19th Century. It has a drum clock case mounted on semicircular platform, supported by four co...
Worboys Antiques
Gold and Crystal Cartier Desk Clock
This rare and stylish desk clock epitomizes the timeless elegance of Cartier. Its sleek, retro design, featuring a crystal frame and golden accents...
M. S. Rau Antiques
French Belle Epoque Mahogany Inlaid Mantel Clock
A very nice Belle Epoque mahogany tulip shaped mantel clock with boxwood and coloured wood inlays and central fan to the top. The clock has a white...
Arrowsmith Antiques
French 19th Century Louis XV Style Boulle Mantel Clock
A good quality French Louis XV style boulle brass and red tortoise shell inlaid mantel clock with ormolu mounts and enamel dial. The clock has a Fr...
Arrowsmith Antiques
French Louis XIV Style Marble and Bronze Gilt Clock Set
An extremely fine quality French deep rouge marble and bronze gilt clock set comprising of a pair of two branch candelabra garnitures and a mantel ...
Arrowsmith Antiques
Early 20th century mystery clock
c.1925 French Mahogany Mystery Turtle Clock Inv. #: f252 A. Cadot, Place Dauphine. A rare early 20th century French mystery turtle clock...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
19th century French hanging compendium clock
c.1895 French Lantern Form Compendium Clock Inv. #: f239 A rare late-19th century clock in the form of a hanging lantern that is suspended ...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
A fine antique bronze French ‘Chariot’ Mantel Clock Garniture in the Louis XV style, together with a pair of three branch gilt bronze candelabr...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
A fine antique mantel clock in gilt bronze from a top Parisian French maker. The dial in Roman numerals and numerals signed Société des Bronzes d...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
A fine early 19th century French white biscuit porcelain mantel clock with three classical female figures of learning around a central enamel dial,...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Early 19th Century French ‘Au Bon Savage’ Clock
Early 19th Century French ‘Au Bon Savage’ Clock, ‘Paul and Virginia’. Inv. #: P164 A very rare French blackamoor or ‘au bon savage...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Antique French glass dial mystery clock.
c.1900 Extremely Rare French Patinated Bronze Two Handed Glass Dial Mystery Clock. Inv. #: f187 Sculptor – Victorin Subatier Clockmaker ...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Mid-19th century bronze glass dial mystery clock by Robert-Houdin
c.1850 Rare and Unusual Triple Mystery Clock Robert-Houdin c.1850 French ormolu triple mystery clock by the eminent maker Robert-Houdin. The...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
French Bronze Gilt and Serve Style Painted Porcelain Mantel Clock
An extremely decorative French gilt bronze bell shaped mantel clock with blue and white sevre style painted panels and urn and lions head carrying ...
Arrowsmith Antiques
French ormolu Lyre Mantel Clock
French ormolu Lyre clock standing on a stepped rectangular base with acanthus leaf decoration and floral swags resting on four turned and chased to...
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Olde Time
19th century French Gilt Bronze and pink porcelain mantel clock
19th century French ormolu and gilt bronze mantle clock the eight-Day movement striking on a bell. incased in Serves Panels and roman numeral paint...
Shackladys Antiques
French 19th Century Ebonised and Inlaid Mantel Clock
A very nice quality French ebonised mantel clock with mother of pearl and brass scroll string inlay to the front of the case. The clock has a white...
Arrowsmith Antiques
Empire period gilt bronze mantel clock
This truly stunning French mantel clock was crafted during the Empire period, and reflects the Neoclassical interests of the Emperor Napoleon I, wh...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
HENRY VIAN (1860-1905)
Late 19th Century Gilt Bronze Cartel Clock and Companion Barometer by Henry Vian
An exceptional late 19th century gilt bronze Cartel clock and companion barometer By Henry Vian after Jean-Charles Delafosse The tops with a ...
Charles Cheriff Galleries, Ltd.
18th century clock tower trumeau mirror
Empire Antiques
Antique animated French marble ormolu figure clock with cupid
A very rare early empire mantle clock that depicts Cupid sharpening his arrow on an animated stone as the clock strikes each hour. The architectura...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
20th century animated marble industrial car clock
An exceptionally rare early 20th century automated car industrial clock. The case, in the shape of an early 20th century car, has silvered, gilt...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
French antique ormolu bronze animated conjuror clock
Rare French Animated Conjuror Clock by Jacques François Houdin. When activated by the clock or manually the magician nods his head while doing a v...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
20th century antique bronze 6 sided namel paneled carriage clock
A very rare late-nineteenth century six-sided enamel paneled carriage clock that was retailed by Tiffany & Co.and still retains the original leathe...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Antique musical marble ormolu mantle clock with sphinx and Roman eagle
An exceptional case with pillars surmounted by patinated sphinxes and adorned with several ormolu mounts that include urn form finials, female term...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
Antique animated gilt bronze porcelain singing bird carriage clock
The gilt-bronze singing bird clock has a multi-piece case, decorative floral elements cast throughout, four detached decorative corner columns and ...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
20th century ectromechanical brass marble meter Brillié clock
A very rare early 20th century French Electromechanical Regulator Clock by Brillié with a second’s pendulum, slave contacts, a thick variegated ...
Sundial Farm Antique Clocks
A Louis XVI Gilt Ormolu and White Marble Table Clock By Renacle-Nicolas Sotiau
The circular white enamel dial with black Roman and Arabic chapters, inscribed “S”with the remaining letters of Sotiau removed. The bottom of t...
Frank Partridge