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D458. Brighton Pavilion skeleton clock
D 458.BRIGHTON PAVILION SKELETON CLOCK. Circa 1860. The design of this skeleton clock, attributed to Smiths of Clerkenwell, is based on the Brig...
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D456. Balance wheel skeleton clock by Roskill & Son
BALANCE WHEEL SKELETON CLOCK BY ROSKILL & SON. This fascinating and relatively early skeleton clock bears an attractively shaped and silvered pl...
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Striking fusee Lichfield Skeleton Clock
A mid 19th century twin chain fusee gong-striking skeleton clock, on a stepped base mounted on an ebonised base under a glass dome. The maker is...
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Transistorised ATO clock, dated c. 1953-54
A pioneering development in electric clocks, ATO developed the transistorised clock in the early 1950s, of which this is a very fine example. Not o...
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Evans of Handsworth English Skeleton Timepiece
A finely made arabesque-frame skeleton timepiece dating from the second half of the 19th century. The elaborately scrolled polished brass frames...
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York Minster Striking Skeleton Clock
A fine quality 8 day York Minster striking skeleton clock. 7 pillar twin chain fusee movement with six spoke wheel work, anchor escapement, rack st...
Horological Workshops
English fusee skeleton clock signed H Wehrle & Co 82 High St, Whitechapel.
Eight-day fusee movement with semi-deadbeat escapement. The escape wheel, the small wheel at the end and top of the train, is particularly fine and...
Neill Robinson Blaxill F.B.H.I.
Portico Skeleton Clock of long duration, dated c.1850
An architectural skeleton clock under a glass dome with two train movement of three week duration striking on a bell, by Silvani of Paris, dated c....
Carlton Clocks Ltd.
Skeleton Clock with Coup Perdu escapement
Part of a limited edition of 100 pieces, this fine skeleton clock by Thwaites and Reed,the design of which was inspired by the work of John Dwerrih...
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A Fine Striking Skeleton Clock
A beautifully made Victorian brass skeleton clock with an eight-day duration, double fusee movement striking the hours on a gong, with pull repeat....
Leigh Extence
A relatively early Ivy leaf skeleton clock with original wood and marble base
D421. An early single train chain fusee skeleton clock which would date from the mid 19th century. A clock with a very similar ivy leaf frame is to...
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