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Mahogany and Brass Ships Wheel
Circa 1900 and later, mahogany and brass ships wheel. The wheel features a centre brass plaque with the mark of John Hastie & Co. Ltd. from Greenoc...
Georgian Antiques
Mid-20th Century Ship Model
A good model of a ship, with the sails and rigging completely original. The paintwork somewhat tired, however, overall in good condition. Dated fro...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
An Unusual Group Of Chinese Export Enamel Articulated Carp
A set of three Chinese export articulated enamel models of fish. Each rendered in fine detail and articulating in the most extravagant fashion. ...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Wine Cooler stamped Peak & Co London
An Art Deco silver plated ship's Champagne and wine cooler. Stamped "SS BOSTON" and "G PEAK & CO" "LONDON"
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
A Ship-of-the-Line
A good, early example of a sailormade woolwork showing the vessel of the Royal Navy passing a fortified headland. Original condition and mahoga...
Ship's Masthead lantern by Galloway of Leith
A copper and brass "Anchor" masthead Ship's lantern, with internal oil lamp, by M. P. Galloway of Leith, Scotland. With Fresnel lens, marked/etc...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
Storm on a Sperm Whale's Tooth
An early 19th century spermwhale tooth scrimshaw decorated with a ship in a storm the bowsprit and formast topmast broken, the mizzen mast lost ove...
Large Palais Royal mother o'pearl Galleon in full sail
Large Palais Royal mother o'pearl Galleon in full sail: with gilded masts, rigging, rudder and compass; lifeboats, cannon and pennant silver-plate...
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Denton Antiques
A Pair of ‘Lifebelt’ Photograph Frames
Handmade and painted SHANGHAI and LIVERPOOL with a pair of flanking flags. The red ensign and blue flag with white diamond ‘AH’ are the company...
Duncan J. Baggott
Early C19th Scrimshaw Whale Tooth
An original C19th whale tooth scrimshaw depicting a 3 mask ship, the pennant with 'Catherine' in mirror reverse. 'Catherine' was an ex convict ship...
G D Ginger Antiques
A Pair of Late C19th Tooth Scrimshaw
A wonderful pair of mounted small whale scrimshaw, the first depicting a whaler with 2 launched long boats, harpoons at the ready, chasing 2 whal...
G D Ginger Antiques
19th century very large teak ship's wheel
19th century very large teak ship's wheel; with ten turned spokes and ten shaped handles, one with original brass ring to indicate direction. The ...
Gary Wright Antiques Ltd
English Sterling Silver Gilt Galleon 1935
Solid sterling silver, gold plated.Hallmarked on the rudder ( shown) and on the sails.Mounted onto a wooden plinth.The dimensions are for the ship,...
Gideon Cohen
Victorian Telescope by Dolland of London
Large hand held mid 19th century Victorian ships brass and mahogany telescope by Dolland London. The telescope is a single drawer and is sig...
Graham Smith Antiques
A Fine Mid-20th Century Ship Model
A fine ship model with particularly intricate rigging, which is original.Paintwork somewhat tired but an interesting complex model on an oak plinth.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair of Ships Anchors
Pair of Silver plate Anchors entwined with brass rope. Standing on a silver plate base with continued brass rope design. These probably sat alon...
Hampton Antiques
Battle of Camperdown by Charles Dixon
Acclaimed as an outstanding early 20th century artist especially in watercolour, Charles Dixon’s most noted works were of famous battle scenes, v...
Wick Antiques Ltd
A late 19th century model of a pair of brass Davit type cranes
A late 19th century model of a pair of brass Davies. supplied to the ministers of defence. each with corded mechanism, mounted onto a mahogany pl...
Wick Antiques Ltd
Antique English creamware pottery jug 'Spithead' and 'Poor Jack' transfer prints
A rare creamware pottery jug, transfer printed with two high quality images ." A ship leaving Spithead with a view of Cowes Castle" from the print ...
John Howard
Motor boat model
A mid-1960s model of a Chris-Craft/Riva type motorboat, with an O&R ¾ horsepower 2 stroke petrol engine.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
A 18th Century Marine Ivory Walking Cane
18th Century the turned pommel with engraved white metal collar above a square section and reeded upper portion over a reeded spiral turned taperin...
G D Ginger Antiques
Rare Early English Marine Ivory Lottery or Teetotum Gambling Ball
A Rare Early English Marine Ivory Lottery or Teetotum Gambling Ball carved on 24 sides with numbers 1 to 24 Old smooth creamy patina Late 17th ...
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Finch & Co
Swinging Brass Hanging Parrot Perch
With large screw thread and ebonised mount, probably intended for fixing inside a cabin on board ship. English, circa 1840 - 1880 Diameter 13”...
Duncan J. Baggott
Ship's Inn Sign
An Edwardian painted metal, bronze and oak country pub sign, from the Ship Inn in Gloucestershire. This model ship was know to sit above the si...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
English delftware pottery plate with portrait of Admiral Rodney, late 18th centu...
A very rare London delftware pottery plate with a portrait of Admiral Rodney. The figure is surrounded by a starburst and garland of flowers over ...
John Howard
Early British Sailor's Woolwork or Woolie Picture of the Royal Yacht, HMY Victor...
Dimensions: 27 inches x 20 inches HMY Victoria and Albert II (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) HMY Victoria and Albert, a 360 fo...
Earle D Vandekar of Knightsbridge Inc
Sailing Steam Boat, Yacht Model
Boat Builders Model of S.Y. Prince Albert Steam Yacht. An exceptional museum quality model of the steam yacht 'S.Y. Prince Albert'. The fine shipb...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
Antique German Silver Neff Sailing Ship
This superb sterling silver galleon ship, known as a Nef, is intricately modelled with 2 tall masts having multi section sails and long boom, manne...
English creamware pottery tankard with the inscription 'RODNEY FOR EVER HUZZAR...
A fine and very rare creamware tankard with a blue cartouche and inscription "Rodney For ever Huzzar". The tankard is in very good order and comme...
John Howard
A 19th century Scrimshaw engraved Sperm Whale tooth
A fine 19th century scrimshaw sperm whale tooth, engraved with a figure wearing a hat and holding a glass, in sailors costume.
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Antique English pearlware pottery commemorative of Earl Howe late 18th century ...
A fine and rare pearlware pottery commemorative of Earl Howe Commander in Chief of his Majesty's fleet in the Channel. The reverse with an image t...
John Howard
Oceanic tribal art Fiji polynesian tabua tambua whale tooth chief ornamental nec...
Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
An Edwardian Collector's Chest
An Edwardian mahogany collector’s chest. The interior comprising six trays containing a fine collection of shells.
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Nicholas Gifford-Mead
Chinese Export Pair of Watercolours of Chinese Sampans.
The two Chinese painted watercolours each depict a different Chinese vessel. In one, a sampan is approaching land- a mountain and trees can be...
Earle D Vandekar of Knightsbridge Inc
Marine Ivory and Whalebone Cane
Nicely carved and decorated whaler made cane. The whale tooth knop in the form of a fist, joined to the whalebone shaft with whale ivory and baleen...
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Winfield Antique Canes
elegant marine ivory walking stick
Marine ivory walking stick
Fine 19th Century Prisoner of War Model
Fine 19th century prisoner of war model of a frigate Pomone, with forty four guns.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Seam Rubber
An ivory sailmaker's seam rubber with a silver coloured metal collar and turned steel tang for the handle. English circa 1850. 6.5 inches long x...
Large Shipbuilder’s Half Model of the S.S Brenda 2.46m Long
Circa 1918, large shipbuilder’s half model of the S.S Brenda. The model is painted black to the waterline and pink below, with a four blade prop...
Georgian Antiques
Sailor’s Marine Ivory Silk-Winder
The turned ivory cage spool mounts onto a table with a G-clamp with thumbscrew. Some of this work was done by Napoleonic prisoners of war aboard pr...
Duncan J. Baggott
Fully Rigged Model of a Shore Based Naval Flagpole
Flying from the carved gaff arm is a national ensign of the French tricolour. The moulded plinth base is of teak inlaid with boxwood and has a set ...
Duncan J. Baggott
Nelson Tribute
Although originally considered to be a stern carving, it is now thought much more likely that this rare surviving carving was made for the funeral ...
Whalebone Dog and Eagle Cane
Slender whalebone cane the handle carved with a dog head and eagle head. With Baleen and mother of pearl decoration. Probably American circa 1840...
Winfield Antique Canes
20th Century Model of The Cutty Sark
Late 20th century model of The Cutty Sark ( 1869 ) by Longfords of London.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Model of the Russian 66 Gun Ship. Pobedonosec
A well presented model of the Russian 66 gun ship. Pobedonosec in glass cabinet. Dating from the first quarter of the 20th century.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd