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Huge French Barometer in Lovely Golden Oak Frame
A large aneroid barometer in an even larger polished Oak case. This behemoth is 415mm diameter overall with a 225mm diameter engraved dial reading ...
Richard Twort Antique Weather Instruments
A Rare Gold Tiffany Travelling Picture Frame for four. It has a push button which opens all pictures.It has reeded panels with a small Cartouche fo...
John Bull (Antiques) Ltd
The Descent from the Cross - Hieronymus Francken I (Herentals 1540 - Paris 1610)...
Descriptive details and photos of this work can be found at Hieronymus Francken I 'the Elder' (Herentals, 1540 - Pa...
Castelbarco Antique Gallery
KARL FABERGÉ (c.1846-1920)
An Important Faberge Enamel Gold Frame
An important Faberge gold and enamel frame, the frame comprising an oval glass photograph pane with yellow gold surround, within a rectangular fram...
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Bentley & Skinner
DESCRIPTION 20th Century Faberge style two-colour gold mounted & guilloche enamel photograph frame, Triangular shape, enameled in translucent pu...
Pushkin Antiques Ltd
ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837)
Portrait miniature of John Jackson (1758-1828), wearing brown coat with white sh...
This likeness by Andrew Plimer shows John Jackson. A prosperous member of the squirearchy, Jackson was the proprietor of Hill House, Walthsamstow, ...
Philip Mould & Company
RICHARD GIBSON (1615-1690)
Portrait miniature of a Gentleman wearing ochre-coloured cloak and white lace cr...
Previously attributed to Charles Beale junior, this portrait miniature displays typical characteristics of the hand of Richard Gibson (known as ‘...
Philip Mould & Company
Portrait miniature of Frederica, Duchess of York (1767-1820), wearing a white dr...
This fine portrait miniature, painted by William Grimaldi in 1800, depicts his royal patron Frederica, Duchess of York, and derives from a portrait...
Philip Mould & Company
PETER CROSS (1645-1724)
Portrait miniature of a Lady, previously thought to be Queen Mary II
This portrait miniature by Peter Cross was once thought to show Queen Mary II, the wife of William III, as the Princess of Orange. However, researc...
Philip Mould & Company
Very Large Italian Console with Matching Mirror
Superb Very Large Italian Giltwood and Marble Console Table with Matching three panel Mirror. This is a monumental Console Table and Mirror that w...
Garners Fine Art & Antiques
Pair of original Swedish Art Deco Armchairs
Pair of Original Swedish Art Deco armchairs shown here in the original fabric in great condition. They are structurally sound and have fully sprung...
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Swedish Interior Design
Pair of Antique Swedish Art Deco Armchairs
Pair of Original Swedish Art Deco armchairs shown here in the original fabric in great condition. They are structurally sound and have fully sprung...
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Swedish Interior Design
ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837)
Portrait miniature of Major-General Edwin Hewgill (d.1809), wearing the uniform ...
Edwin Hewgill, son of The Rev. Henry Hewgill, rector of Great Smeaton, Yorkshire, was Secretary to His Royal Highness the Duke of York on the Conti...
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Philip Mould & Company
Portrait miniature of Captain Charles Howard Bulkeley (1765-1814), wearing the u...
Charles Howard Bulkeley was born in 1765, the youngest of two sons of Captain William Bulkeley (c.1731/3-1801) and his wife Anne (d.1820). William ...
Philip Mould & Company
ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837)
Portrait miniature of a Lady, traditionally called Georgina Sophia Daniell (bap....
Georgina Daniell was presumably named after her father, George, a doctor in Exeter. The Victoria and Albert Museum holds a portrait miniature of a ...
Philip Mould & Company
Antique Edwardian Sterling Silver Photograph Frame
This exceptional antique Edwardian sterling silver frame has a plain square form with a square incurved shaped internal window. The surface of t...
AC Silver
SAMUEL COLLINS (1735-1768)
Portrait miniature of a young Lady, seated in a green chair, wearing pink and wh...
Collins was a Bristol born painter, who turned his talents to painting miniatures after studying law. The present work is particularly ambitious wi...
Philip Mould & Company
Portrait enamel of a Gentleman, wearing scarlet coat and matching waistcoat and ...
Although the sitter in this enamel has not been identified, his pose follows very closely an enamel by Zincke in the Royal Collection of a Nobleman...
Philip Mould & Company
NICHOLAS FREESE (c.1761-1831)
Portrait miniature of a Gentleman, traditionally called Sir Francis Lord, wearin...
The present work is typical of the output of Freese, with its strong colouration and graduated sky background. The sitter is traditionally identifi...
Philip Mould & Company
PHILIP JEAN (1755-1802)
Portrait miniature of an Officer, possibly wearing the ‘frock’ uniform of the 3r...
It wasn’t until Philip Jean retired from the Navy that he began to focus his attention on painting portraits. Although best known as a portrait m...
Philip Mould & Company
Portrait miniature of a Young Girl, possibly a Miss Ross, wearing a white dress ...
Having been acquired from the same collection as our portrait miniature of Miss Barbara Gunning, it is possible that this painting by George Engleh...
Philip Mould & Company
Portrait miniature of a Gentleman, wearing dark blue coat with brass buttons and...
Previously known simply as ‘N’ Freese, recent research conducted by the writers and collectors Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips has added new ...
Philip Mould & Company
Portrait miniature of an Officer of Light Dragoons, c.1800-10
This expressive portrait of an unknown officer of the Light Dragoons is by the Scottish artist Alexander Gallaway. Gallaway often used a column to ...
Philip Mould & Company
Portrait miniature of a Nobleman, possibly Charles Knyvett (1710-82), wearing ar...
This fine portrait miniature is painted in the style of Liotard, the colours preserved by the later addition of a travelling case. Although it has ...
Philip Mould & Company
ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837)
A pair of portrait miniatures of John Crewe, later 2nd Baron Crewe (c.1772-1835)...
This pair of miniatures, dating to circa 1790, would have almost certainly been painted by Andrew Plimer to celebrate the betrothal of John Crewe, ...
Philip Mould & Company
WILLIAM NAISH (1767-1800)
Portrait miniature of an Officer of the light company of an infantry regiment wi...
This animated portrait miniature of an unidentified officer is one of the most accomplished works by Naish to have emerged on the art market in rec...
Philip Mould & Company
Gold framed Magnifying Glass.
Mother of pearl handled gold framed Magnifying Glass. Goldsmiths: Douglas Pell Sheffeild 2000.
Sally Turner Antiques
A set of Six Japanned Armchairs Circa 1720.
A rare set of six armchairs, Japanned in black with gilt decorations, having caned panels to the backs and seats, with shell motifs to the cresting...
Robert Bradley Antiques
English c1845
One of a pair of silhouettes. A gentleman profile right wearing a tail coat, a white shirt and cravat. Painted on card and highlighted with gold, C...
Cynthia Walmsley
English c1845
One of a pair of silhouettes. A lady profile left wearing a long dress with wide sleeves and an elaborate bonnet with lace and ribbons. Painted on ...
Cynthia Walmsley
ISAAC WANE SLATER (c.1784-1836)
Isaac Wayne Slater 1813
A portrait miniature of a young boy with hazel eyes wearing a black jacket and waistcoat and white chemise with a frilled collar. Watercolour in an...
Cynthia Walmsley
Irish c1775
A portrait miniature of an officer of the 21st Regiment. He wears his powdered hair "en queue" and a scarlet jacket with blue lapels and collar wi...
Cynthia Walmsley
A pair of miniature oval portraits
(a) A woman in white fur surcoat over robe seen in a landscape, with a red parrot on her shoulder (b )A red-robed woman in a landscape, with a sma...
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Martyn Gregory Gallery
Pair of 19th century lyre shaped diamond double frame pendant earrings, c.1860
Of openwork design, the central pear shaped diamond hung within two diamond set swing frames, the inner frame of drop shape and the outer frame of ...
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S J Phillips Ltd
ELYSE ASHE LORD (1900-1971)
Elyse Ashe Lord was a watercolourist and drypoint etcher who favoured exotic and Far Eastern figure subjects, often treated in delicate or imaginat...
Sarah Colegrave
MERVYN PEAKE (1911-1968)
Yugaslavian Peasant Girl
Mervyn Peake was an author, poet, artist, illustrator & teacher, born in Kuling, China. Husband of artist Maeve Gilmore & father of the painter Fab...
Lacewing Fine Art