Antique Hair Combs

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Mucha Style Art Nouveau comb with gilded copper heightened with colour
Tadema Gallery
JOHN PAUL COOPER (1869-1933)
Medieval Inspired Arts & Crafts Combs
Pair of blond horn combs ornamented with blister pearls & The Dove of Peace
Tadema Gallery
ARCHIBALD KNOX (1864-1933)
Diadem Comb for Liberty & Co
An extremely beautiful unrecorded Diadem by Archibald Knox. The fiery central opal is set amongst gold entrelacs of flowers and foliage enriched ...
Tadema Gallery
Arts & Crafts, World (1880-1916)
‘Gothic Revival’ Jewelled Combs
Beautiful ‘Gothic Revival’ Jewelled Combs The fine detail of these combs suggests the work of either John Paul Cooper or Henry Wilson
Tadema Gallery
Arts & Crafts, World (1880-1916)
Swallow Hair Comb
A beautiful translucent enamel Swallow hinged comb
Tadema Gallery