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Map of Venice
‘Pianta della Regia Citta di Venezia e sue Isole Vicine' (Plan of the layout of the city of Venice and its neighbouring islands). Published by Gi...
Duncan J. Baggott
‘A New Map of The County of York’
Surveyed by Thomas Dix, North Walsham. Published by William Darton, Holborn London January 1820. Depicts Ridings and their Subdivisions, Navigable ...
Duncan J. Baggott
Guide to Venice with Large Folding Map
FONTANA, Tommaso / Fontana, Thomas. Venezia Additata al Forestiero che puo percorrerla da se solo con rettificazioni ed aggiunte Alle Guide sonora ...
Harrison-Hiett Rare Books
Engraving: La Principaute D’Orange et comtat de Venaissin
17th century engraving entitled La Principaute D’Orange et comtat de Venaissin. The engraving is dedicated to Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange (...
Duncan J. Baggott
JOHN SPEED (c.1552-1629)
A map of 'The Countye of Monmouth', dated 1610
The countye of MONMOUTH with the situation of the townshire described Anno. 1610 The reverse with Monmouthshire, Chapter VI and an alphabetical ...
Lucy Johnson
JOHN OGILBY (1600-1676)
Britannia, 1675/6. No 32 The road from London to Barnstable in Devonshire : A...
A road map from Britannia, by John Ogilby Esq., Cosmographer and Geographick Printer to Charles II. No 32
Lucy Johnson
Cosmgrarhy & Astrology. 1686 by Richard Blome from the first edition of The Gent...
Cosmgrarhy & Astrology Large oval engraved plate with inscriptions outlining the various parts of cosmography and astronomy; below, two emblematic...
Lucy Johnson