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Our Antique Medals category provides the opportunity to purchase your own piece of history, whether it’s via our selection of historic military medals, commemorative medals or perhaps an antique medal to honour personal sporting achievements from a bygone era. Online Galleries is currently home to over 300 antiques dealers, providing a safe and secure environment within which you can search for and compare antique medals for sale. With over 35000 antiques and historic works of art for sale at any given time, you’re sure to find an item of interest within our galleries. Simply undertake a search within our Antique Medals category by keyword – such as ‘military medals’ or ‘Boer war medal’ – item location or specialism. In the event that you can’t find a specific item within our catalogue of military medals, WW1 medals and commemorative medals, it’s worth noting that our member dealers update Online Galleries on a daily basis. This means that if you can’t find that elusive medal, there’s a chance it may appear on the site within the near future. In fact, regular Online Galleries users can opt to receive automatic alerts when an item of interest is uploaded by one of our member dealers to the site, saving our users considerable time and effort. Want to make further enquiries about any of the medals for sale on our site? For your convenience, alongside each item listed, we’ve provided direct access to the relevant dealer’s website, as well as a host of contact details that will allow you to take your enquiry further via phone, email or in person.

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Antique George VI 14ct Yellow Gold and Enamel Mayoral Medallion
This exceptional antique George VI sterling silver medallion has a circular shaped form. The anterior surface of this hallmarked antique medalli...
AC Silver
A pair of 19th Century bronze and ormolu Lustre Candlesticks with medallions.
A Pair of early 19th century Regency period bronze & ormolu Lustre Candlesticks having fruit & berry sconces above ring-turned nozzles & Gothic flo...
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Patrick Sandberg Antiques
ALEXANDER Antique Sterling Silver Scottish Clan Badge by McKenzie and Co.
ALEXANDER Antique Sterling Silver Scottish Clan Badge. Maker: McKenzie and Co. INVERNESS. Circa 1905. Motto: 'PER MARE PER TERRAS' Rare mark...
Sanda Lipton
ALLAND Antique Silver Scottish Clan Badge
ALLAND Antique Sterling Silver Scottish Clan Badge. Circa 1880. Fairbairn's Book of Crests only shows the bear's paw. Motto: 'SUPERNA SEQUOR...
Sanda Lipton
Victorian Antique Silver Gilt Clan Badge with STERRY Crest
Victorian antique silver gilt clan badge with STERRY crest. Barkingside, Essex. Circa 1870-1890. It was the 'done thing' for a landed family of...
Sanda Lipton
A Thames Race Oar.
A Victorian Prize Oar, London 1850, Stephen Warwick [probably], engraved on the blade with a thee-masted ship and on the u...
Peter Cameron
A Selkirk School Prize.
A Scottish oval School Prize Medal, maker's mark only three times, awarded to William Lang of Selkirk School for Greek writing in 1836.<span id="cu...
Peter Cameron
A Ruby Ground Famille Rose Medallion Bowl Daoguang Mark and Period 1821 - 1850
Decorated on a sagrifiato ground with four panels of floral decoration in typical famille rose colours. Further floral swags interspersing the pane...
Richard Peters Antiques
Society Medal
A silver medal inscribed 'Presented by the True Sons of Equity to Mr. G. Smallpiece 1820.' The reverse blank. The 'True...
Peter Cameron
Theatre Subscriber's Ticket
An engraved oval Rochdale Theatre Ticket, circa 1794, 'No. 2', 'Mr. Hamer.'
Peter Cameron
Scottish Bowling Prize Medal
A Scottish Bowling Medal, presented to George Goldie of the Wellcroft Bowling Club, 1851. Maker 'WCS' unattributed.
Peter Cameron
A North Yorkshire School Badge.
An early 18th century unmarked School Badge for the Old School in Well, North Yorkshire, circa 1724: the badge formed as t...
Peter Cameron
An Edinburgh Royal Society Medal
A Edinburgh Royal Society Medal, 1804, for John Rutherford.
Peter Cameron
A silver Tonbridge School Pen
A Victorian Writing Prize in the form of a quill pen London 1850, Charles Reily and George Storer, Cased. The quill engrav...
Peter Cameron
Athletics Prize Medal
A Game Club Prize Medal, Edinburgh 1834, Peter Sutherland. Presented to Mr. Alexander Porteous, Morningside, for the Short...
Peter Cameron
A Cremorne House Stadium Ticket
An unmarked ticket, struck with a figure of Apollo and 'Stadium1831' by B. Wyon, the reverse engraved 'No. 50, PATRON'S Medal,</s...
Peter Cameron
A Copy of the Lanark Bell
A Scottish race prize copy of the 'Lanark Bell', Edinburgh 1931, Hamilton and Inches. The bell engraved 'Won by Cat O' Nine Tails'
Peter Cameron
Carved Ivory Oval Portrait Medallion of the Young Queen Victoria (Reigned 1837-1...
A Fine Carved Ivory Oval Portrait Medallion of the Young Queen Victoria (Reigned 1837-1901) Signed ‘ N Schrödl.f ’ A Label to the Reverse ...
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Finch & Co
A Victorian School Prize Madal
Engraved School Prize Medal ‘Making Place Hall Academy 19th Decr. 1848 Adjudged to Mastr. W.J. Crosland for superior att...
Peter Cameron
An Eisteddfod Medal
A Medal engraved for the Llangollen Eisteddfod, London, 1858, Robert Garrard.
Peter Cameron
Scottish Flower Prize Medal
A Scottish Prize Medal from Falkirk Floricultural Society for Best Auricula 1846, maker's mark only 'WD'.
Peter Cameron
. A curling Medal from the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, Instituted 25. July 18...
A curling Medal from the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, Instituted 25. July 1838, district medal, made by SCLATER.CO. The medal depicts a curling m...
Manfred Schotten Antiques
Victorian Chess Prize
A Victorian Chess prize London 1848, maker's mark ‘RW’,(there are several possible matches for this mark), formed as a...
Peter Cameron
BENJAMIN WYON (1802-1858)
A Victorian Canadian College Prize Medal
A Victorian Medal for King's College Canada, 1847. In its original case by B. Wyon. Presented to Thomas William Marsh. A...
Peter Cameron
Portrait of an Officer Wearing the Waterloo Medal - Circle of Richard Livesay
Dimensions refer to size of frame. An early 18th century half-length portrait of an officer in a scarlet tunic, decorated with the Waterloo Meda...
Timothy Langston
George IV silver Medal
A George IV Medal, London 1824, by Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard, engraved on one side 'This Medal with Five Pounds, was...
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Peter Cameron
Thomas Banks, Laudatory Medal,
Thomas Banks, Laudatory Medal, silver, 1858, by L. C. Wyon for the Art Union of London, draped bust of Banks bare-head left, THOMAS BANKS R. A. re...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
Three 18th century Masonic Jewels
A group of three unmarked Masonic Jewels, dated for 1782 and 1783, one engraved with a lodge number '362', and two with sc...
Peter Cameron
Scottish Curling Society Medal
Dudingston Curling Society. A Scottish curling medal circa 1810.Dudingston Curling Society. Struck on one side and engra...
Peter Cameron
A Victorian School Prize Medal
A Victorian engraved School prize medal for Putney School, London 1864,by George Richards and Edward Brown. Engraved for Elizabeth Horner, Christma...
Peter Cameron
A Cornish School Prize
A George III engraved School Prize for Helleston School, Cornwall, 1785, with a presentation inscription around the edge ...
Peter Cameron
A Plaque for The Royal Humanitarian Society.
A brass Plaque with the arms of the Royal Humanitarian Society, circa 1790, the reverse struck with a founder's mark 'TT'.
Peter Cameron
A George III Scottish Club Medal
A George III Scottish engraved Medal for the Caledonian Club, Edinburgh circa 1810, J. McKay.
Peter Cameron
An 18th Century Society Medal
An 18th Century oval Society Medal, circa 1780, engraved on one side with a pair of clasped hands below a banner 'The Friendly Bachelors'; engraved...
Peter Cameron
A Scottish Silver School Prize
A Scottish Victorian silver school Prize, from Edinburgh Institution for the Education of Young Ladies, 1857. Maker’s mark only McKay and Chisholm.
Peter Cameron
Georgian Racecourse Ticket
An unmarked Racecourse subscriber's Ticket, circa 1800.
Peter Cameron
Prize Sugar Tongs
A pair of Scottish George III fiddle pattern Sugar Tongs, William Marshall, Edinburgh, circa 1808, engraved as a prize [to...
Peter Cameron
A Banff Masonic Jewel
Banff. A silver Masonic Jewel, with engraved script initials, maker's mark 'AP', unidentified, circa 1790. This rare mar...
Peter Cameron
An unmarked silver Yeomanry Medal
An unmarked silver Yeomanry Medal for the West Somerset Yeomanry, W.H.B. Portman Col., presented 26th May 1859 to Corporal...
Peter Cameron
Adelphi Society Medal
An oval silver struck Medal for the Adelphi Society, circa 1820.
Peter Cameron
Oxford University Rowing Prize Medals
Two Victorian Rowing Medals, St. Peter's College, Oxford, circa 1858. The medallist William Joseph Taylor. The combined w...
Peter Cameron
Benjamin West, Laudatory Medal
Benjamin West, Laudatory Medal, silver, 1866, by W. Wilson, bare head bust of West profile left, WEST / 1738 - 1820. rev. a version of West's The ...
Timothy Millett Ltd.
A Victorian Cambridge and Oxford University Rifle Match Medal
A Victorian Prize Medal in the form of a cross with the arms of Cambridge and Oxford Universities, London 1868, Daniel and John Wellby, the reverse...
Peter Cameron
A Hester Bateman Badge
The Brotherly Society. An engraved convex Medal, Hester Bateman circa 1780. Engraved on one side with two gentlemen clasp...
Peter Cameron
Sir John Vanburgh, Laudatory Medal,
Sir John Vanburgh, Laudatory Medal, , silver, 1855, by Benjamin Wyon, draped bust of Sir John Vanburgh wearing wig three quarters facing, SI...
Timothy Millett Ltd.