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327 Results
Antique Baktiari rug, Persia
A wonderful Antique Baktiari rug with a traditional garden design, woven with superb colours, this rug has a great amount of interest and vibrancy!...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Chi Chi rug
Antique Chi Chi rug, a lovely variation of greens and blues in this finely woven geometric design. Chi Chi rugs are woven south of Kuba in Azerbaij...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Sarab runner, Persia
Antique Sarab runner in great pile all over with good dyes, soft pale camel ground with terracotta, green and pale blue. An attractive tribal runne...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Kirman carpet, Persia
This soft tone antique Kerman (Kirman) carpet has a classical refined and elegant vase design. The pale background allows the soft purples, pale bl...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Karaja runner, Persia
We love the repeating 'Boteh' design border on this vibrant antique Karaja runner. Electric vibrant colours on this runner from the village of Kar...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Mahal carpet, Persia
A very decorative antique Mahal carpet with a lovely open design and woven with an unusual white background, most Mahal or Sultanabad carpets where...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Tabriz carpet, Persia
A very fine antique tabriz carpet with soft wool and a classical Persian design typical of fine carpets woven in the city of Tabriz. Due to the ag...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Dorokhsh rug, Persia
A beautiful antique Dorokhsh rug woven in the Khorassan region, north east Persia. This type of rug were often commissioned with luxurious wool an...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Ziegler carpet, Persia
An unusual plain red field antique Ziegler carpet in excellent condition. The pile is high all over this antique carpet woven in Sultanabad around...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Heriz rug, Persia
An antique Heriz rug with rich vivid colours and in good condition. Woven in the north of Persia around 1910-1920 it has a great wool pile and the...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Agra carpet, India
A breathtaking antique Agra carpet with a rare soft yellow main background. The large floral palmettes in the main field are well spaced out and b...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Kuba Afshan, Caucasian
An Antique Kuba Afshan long rug in fantastic original condition, the pile is thick and lush to touch. Kuba is a rug producing town located in the n...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Ushak carpet, Turkey
The willow tree design is a wonderful in the main field using pale greens and on the soft pink background a delight to furnish with. Ushaks were...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Veramin carpet, Persia
A full pile antique Veramin carpet with deep indigo blue background and a warm red border, a refined classical carpet in excellent condition and fu...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Karachoff Kazak rug
Antique Karachoff Kazak a vivid red background with a soft blue border make for a striking antique Karachoff rug which has an unmistakeable design....
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique 'Star' Kazak
Striking yellow 'Star' Kazak with excellent glossy wool used in the Kazak region in the Caucasus. The yellow dye is a saffron dye and is often reg...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Sultanabad carpet
An elegant muted antique Sultanabad carpet, with an ivory background, sludgy lime green tones and light pink tones with a gentle intricate lattice ...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Sarouk Fereghan
Antique Sarouk Fereghan carpet which is extremely fine with beautiful vegetable dyes. Town carpets from this region always display intricate floral...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Karabagh Kelleh dated 1862
A very rare dated 1862 antique Karabagh Kelleh with the most outstanding colour and early all over palmette design. The pile on this long corridor ...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Kirman rug
A remarkable antique Kirman rug in absolutely excellent condition. The dyes used in the weaving of this rug are truly fantastic. The variety and de...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Bakshaish carpet
A wonderful oversized Bakshaish carpet woven in the late 19th century with a very unusual open natural ground colour. A beautiful medalliion with t...
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Farnham Antique Carpets
Early 20th Century Indian Worked Silk Wall Hanging or Bed Cover
This stunning and beautifully designed early 20th C. Indian silk wall hanging, which could easily also be used for a bed covering, features an intr...
S R Thomas Antiques and Interiors
19th Century Fereghan Sarouk Carpet with Classic Medallion and Garden Design
This oversized Fereghan carpet combines a Classic Persian medallion format with a bouquet of floral ornamentation derived from the repertoire of 18...
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs
Art Deco Chinese carpet
An Antique art deco Chinese carpet with a beautiful muted palette unlike most of the art deco Chinese rugs which were more often woven with very br...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Indian Agra Rug
Antique Indian Agra - central medallion design and floral motifs throughout, green and deep reds and pinks
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Persian Sarab
Antique Oriental Sarab circa 1890's three central medallions
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Persian Afshar Rug
Antique Oriental Afshar in rust, navy blue, black and gold - circa 1900 - Geometric all over design with four borders. Afshar weavers are renowned...
Pars Rug Gallery
Large Art Deco Chinese Carpet.
Large Art Deco Carpet with a scene of a Chinese dragon boat on a river near a village. The colours are still vibrant. This Carpet is hand knotted a...
Sally Turner Antiques
Antique Persian Rugs, Orange Rug from Heriz carpet
Attractive Persian rugs with all-over patterned rugs design in an excellent condition, and floral rug style, it can be suitable as large living roo...
Pars Rug Gallery
Magnificent Antique Rugs Persian Carpets from Kashan
Very nice antique green rug, Persian rugs from Kashan with Central Medallion design and beautifully patterned rugs with leaves and flowers with ar...
Pars Rug Gallery
Decorative arts, Antique Tapestry Felemish Wall Decor
A fabulous early 19th-century handwoven tapestry in an excellent condition. The scene of two lovers among nature. A similar technique is used for m...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Carpet Runners, Persian Rugs and Runners from Heriz
Antique orange rug hand-knotted wool stair runners featuring alternating medallions with an all-over geometric rug design on an orange field. These...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Ushak carpet
A fantastic antique Ushak carpet woven with beautiful colours and design, an excellent carpet which could work in both a traditional or contemporar...
Farnham Antique Carpets
Antique Rugs Persian Heriz Carpet
Heriz carpet is one of the most sought-after carpets by decorators and collectors. They have produced for the clients with versatile taste. Heriz c...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Rugs, Persian Carpet Ziegler Mahal from Sultanabad
Mahal and Sultanabad are in the center to The west of Iran and there are various people migrated from different part Iran previous 19th century whi...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Carpet Chinese Rug from Tebat
Borrowing from the new and the old, this palatial Chinese carpet showcases a formal dragon medallion with traditional symbols and design elements t...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Rugs Persian Bakhteeyar Carpet
This is a beautiful example of the 19th century antique Persian Baktiyar rugs with a bold medallion on an "Abrash" navy color background. The rug i...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Rugs from Caucasian North West of Persia
This rug is a vintage hand-knotted wide and long gallery runner from Caucasia. It has a geometric tribal design made with the wool pile and wool fo...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Rugs, Pure Persian Silk Mohtasham Kashan
The history of Persian culture comes alive with this antique Persian Mohtashem Kashan. Master Weaver, Mohtashem is one of the most respected weaver...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Runners, Antique Rugs, Persian Sarab
In the province of Azerbaijan in Northwestern Iran, the village of Sarab served as the name source for antique Sarab rugs, and it was located in no...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Runners, Antique Rugs Persian Bidjar
With modern colors and bold elemental nature, this majestic Persian Bijar (Bidgar) carpet runner embodies pure rectilinear style. Luxurious waves a...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Rugs, Exceptional English Axminster Rug, Art Deco Rugs style
An English Axminster rug with a bold and elegant design in excellent condition. This rug has a fascinating colour combination which would go with ...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Rugs, Persian Carpet, Heriz Carpet
A fantastic Persian Heriz rug with an unusual design lacking the traditional large central medallion, rather, includes a small indigo medallion on ...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Carpet, Antique Rugs, Persian Heriz Serapi Rug
This stylish Serapi carpet paints a classic Persian central medallion format with saturated contrasting colour. The dark indigo internal medallion ...
Pars Rug Gallery
Antique Persian Carpet, Heriz Carpet
Heriz carpet is one of the most sought after carpets by decorators and collectors. They have produced for the clients with versatile taste. Heriz c...
Pars Rug Gallery
Konya Yastik
'Yastik' means pillow in Turkish. Hailing from the vicinity of the city of Konya, in central Anatolia, this small graphic pile panel was originally...
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs
Woven in the Kurdish region of western Persia, this handsome long rug draws an open lobed medallion and corner pieces against a natural camel groun...
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs
Tibetan khaden
This evocative Tibetan khaden, or sleeping rug, draws large stylized peonies inspired by Chinese textile design of the Ming and Ching dynasties aga...
Peter Pap Oriental Rugs