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Miniature Brass Cannon
Ebonized and brass mounted carriage with cast brass wheels. The cannon barrel mounted with a pair of dolphin and the Roman Numeral date MDLXX (for ...
Duncan J. Baggott
Late 18th century Lantaka bronze cannon barrel
A late 18th century Lantaka bronze cannon barrel with flared barrel and typical decoration. Now hinged on an iron stand.
Wick Antiques Ltd
Pair of Royal Navy training dummy shells
Pair of Royal navy School of Gunnery dummy training shells in mahogany and bronze
Anderson Wallrock
A pair of 4 stage bronze 18'' signal cannon.
A pair of 4 stage English bronze 18'' signal cannon on walnut carriages with bronze fittings.
Anderson Wallrock
A fine Blunderbus by P Bond, with hinged bayonet and walnut stock
A fine Blunderbus by P Bond, with hinged bayonet and walnut stock, also with an unusual trigger guard and safety catch. Inscribed P.Bond, 45 Curn H...
Anderson Wallrock
Fine pair of 19th Century English 41' barrel bronze cannon on oak carriages
Fine pair of mid 19th Century English bronze cannon with tapering 41" barrels and flared muzzles, the top of each breech engraved with the family c...
Anderson Wallrock
Pair of 19th Century model cannon with bronze barrels on mahogany carriages.
Pair of 19th Century model cannon with tapering bronze barrels on original mahogany carriages.
Anderson Wallrock
Flintlock Cannon Barrel Pistol
An 18th Century pocket flintlock pistol with box lock and screw off cannon barrel. The lock engraved but no makers marks, slab butt and engraved tr...
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Michael German Antiques Ltd
Large 19th Century Model Cannon
A fine large model cannon with a 40cm four stage brass barrel at the muzzle. A pair of plain trunnions on its brass mounted oak carriage. Fitted wi...
Taylor-Smith Antiques
Small George III cast iron cannon on an old elm carriage with Royal G R initials...
George III cast iron small cannon mounted on an old elm carriage.
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Cheshire Antiques Ltd.
Large example of a model field cannon
A fine model field cannon on an oak carriage with a bronze barrel, the barrel early 18th century.
Bronze Canon from Mughal India
This impressive bronze canon is cast in relief with an overall chevron design and with a band of flowerheads around the muzzle.
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Peter Petrou
A Pair of Model Cannon
A PAIR OF BRASS MODEL CANNON 19th Century A pair of brass model cannon. Each Measuring: 5” (13 cm) High; 11 ½” (29 cm) Long; 4 ½” (1...
Anthony Outred Ltd