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A flintlock tap action under and over brass pistol
A great example of a two barrelled tap action flintlock pistol by Chance and sons, Birmingham
Good pair of 25 bore silver mounted flintlock holster pistols
A pair of silver mounted holster pistols with two stage barrels signed on the lock I. Pratt with Birmingham silver marks for 1775 and makers mark f...
A fine pair of 22 bore brass mounted flintlock pistols
A pair of brass mounted 22 bore gentleman's holster pistols with two stage barrels signed on the lock by T.Pocock. The walnut stocks with with chas...
A Cased pair of Officers rifled belt pistols
A fine pair of 40 bore officers percussion belt pistols by Parker the damascus barrels with seven grove rifling
A pair of 18th century flintlock overcoat pistols
A small pair of French overcoat flintlock pistols with cannon barrels signed Terrat on the engraved locks.
Superb brass barrelled flintlock blunderbuss
An early 19th century walnut stocked blunderbuss with unusual chequered grip on the fine coloured stock, the three stage brass barrel with spring b...
A flintlock overcoat pistol
A good example of a 25 bore flintlock overcoat pistol with chequered butt and octagonal barrel, the lock with foliate engraving sighed Wallis. Bir...
A cased pair of box-lock pistols in superb condition
A fine cased pair of 54 bore percussion pistols with blued octagonal barrels and engraved brass actions signed Reynolds, the walnut stocks with lio...
A rifled barrel duelling pistol in fine condition
A good example of a 19th century percussion 35 bore duelling pistol with a browned octagonal barrel engraved newcastle, the foliated engraved flat ...
A superb pair of silver mounted flintlock holster pistols
A pair of 20 bore flintlock holster pistols the octagonal barrels with fine chased silver inlaid decoration, the locks and cocks all with foliated ...
A fine pair of silver inlaid box-lock pistols
A pair of silver inlaid 54 bore box-lock pistols by Elston of Doncaster, the walnut butts inlaid with silver wire, with sliding trigger guard safet...
A fine Blunderbus by P Bond, with hinged bayonet and walnut stock
A fine Blunderbus by P Bond, with hinged bayonet and walnut stock, also with an unusual trigger guard and safety catch. Inscribed P.Bond, 45 Curn H...
Anderson Wallrock
Flint lock musket by William Parker
A good example of a flintlock musket by William Parker with a walnut full stock, the 94cm steel barrel engraved Maker to his majesty London
Early Provincial Percussion Rifle
With Well Worn and Finely Patinated Stock Well Burnished Mahogany and Metal We are not accustomed to dealing in firearms, but this rifle has so...
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Robert Young Antiques
Enfield snider 3 band rifle
A very clean and untouched example of a 3 band enfield with a snider conversion. Tower 1857
Presentation Rifle
A fine mid 19th century percussion rifle by Hollis and Sheath. The butt inlaid with a silver badge for the Leeds Volunteer Rifles and a presentatio...