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Usual pair of metal knights in armour, having pointed helmets, lances round shields, gloves, body armour, boots highly decorated
Graver Antiques & Interiors Ltd
ROBERT WALKER (died c.1658)
Portrait of a Young Gentleman in Armour
Portrait of a Young Gentleman in Armour. Attributed to Robert Walker This portrait was produced in the 1650s and is attributed to the enigmatic...
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Period Portraits
Portrait miniature of Gentleman, wearing silver-gilt armour and white cloth crav...
Previously thought to represent John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, this portrait probably portrays a member of his circle, dressed in armour ...
Philip Mould & Company
Portrait miniature of an Officer in armour with black hair and white cravat
This fine portrait miniature shows an assertive military figure in his prime. His hair worn long, the sitter emulates fashions that originated at t...
Philip Mould & Company
ABRAHAM SEAMAN (c.1695-1752)
Portrait enamel of Lieutenant General William Hargrave (1672-1751), wearing armo...
This rare portrait enamel by Abraham Seaman depicts Lieutenant-General William Hargrave, Governor of Gibraltar between 1743 and 1749, and was paint...
Philip Mould & Company
SAMUEL COOPER (c.1608-1672)
Portrait miniature of Baptist May (1628-97), wearing brass-studded armour and wh...
This portrait of the close advisor to Charles II was probably painted for his mistress circa 1660, when May was Keeper of the Privy Purse and regis...
Philip Mould & Company
RICHARD GIBSON (1615-1690)
Portrait miniature of a Young Gentleman, wearing plate armour comprised of cuira...
Richard Gibson (known as ‘Dwarf Gibson’ in his circle), was born in Cumberland and worked as an apprentice in a tapestry works before entering ...
Philip Mould & Company
Programme Design for a Hunt Ball
Armour was born in Waterside, Lanarkshire and studied at St Andrews University, Edinburgh School of Art and the Royal Scottish Academy Schools. He...
Sarah Colegrave
Portrait miniature of a Gentleman wearing armour, 1670s
This plumbago portrait of a gentleman in armour was painted by the renowned Scottish artist David Paton. Paton is best known for his work in the...
Philip Mould & Company
Fine Daimyo Suit of Armour
This fine quality suit of armour would have been worn by a Daimyo (Lord) or one of his personal retainers as dictated by the Bakufu (military gover...
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Peter Petrou
RICHARD GIBSON (1615-1690)
Portrait miniature of a Gentleman, traditionally identified as Sir John Germain ...
Considering the physical likeness of Sir John Germain in a full-length portrait at Drayton House in Northamptonshire, this miniature is unlikely to...
Philip Mould & Company
Ottoman Pala Kilij Sword with Silver hilt and Scabbard
A fine 18th century Kilij sword, as used during the Ottoman Empire. It was in use from the early 17 C. and during more than 300 years well into ...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
A 19th Century Ottoman Miquelet Gun
A fine and rare 19th century Ottoman (Spanish style) Miquelet flintlock gun, the barrel with mounted brass sights and silvered detailing, terminati...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
Maori Taiaha - Quater-Staff Club
This unusual Maori Taiaha is typical of 18th and 19th-century examples, with the pointed end taking the form of a carved tongue projecting from an ...
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Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd
An Unusual Lamp Depicting a Gentleman in a Suit of Armour Holding a Torch.
An unusual metal lamp depicting a gentleman in a suit of armour holding a lamp in the shape of a torch. This would make a great statement piece ...
Bushwood Antiques
Oil On Canvas Of Man in Armour
Good condition reframed
Peter Bunting Antiques
Antique silver Edwardian Butt Marker with Combined Cartridge Extractor
Edwardian silver shooting Butt Marker for 10 guns with combined cartridge exctractor
Silverman Antiques Ltd.