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Small Walnut Solitaire Board
This example with a particularly good set of latticino and solid core marbles. The board with moulded rim and groove to collect the played marbles....
Duncan J. Baggott
Walnut Solitaire Board
Turned walnut board with moulded edge and three flat bun feet with glass marbles. Diameter 9.5” (24cm) English, circa 1900 - 1930 Stock No. 1...
Duncan J. Baggott
A 19th Century ivory model of a Chinese Junk.
A 19th Century ivory model of a Chinese Junk, having coloured figures, flags etc, under a glass dome. Circa 1850.
Robert Bradley Antiques
Taxidermy Eagle owl under a glass dome.
A good early 20th century eagle owl in good condition
Mahogany Solitaire Board
The turned circular board with moulded tray edge. Stands upon turned bun feet and bears label beneath with the rules of play. The collection of han...
Duncan J. Baggott