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Pair of Japonisme ormolu mounted cloisonné enamel vases
Each vase with an ormolu rim set above a turquoise ovoid body of cloisonné enamel; the latter decorated with images of natural abundance as birds,...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Pair of lacquered and gilt bronze antique Japonisme vases
With an Arabesque rim and decorated with lizards, dragonflies and vines. These unusual vases reflect the European fascination Japan at the turn ...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Japanese silver, enamel and Shibayama style antique koro
Of hexagonal shape, the body inset with six larger and six smaller gold lacquer panels inlaid with mother-of-pearl, stained wood, opal and other na...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this exquisite little vase from the latter part of the Meiji Period , cir...
Steve Sly Japanese Works Of Art (Stags Head Antiques Ltd)
Pair of Royal Worcester porcelain hexagonal Japonisme vases
Each with twin gilt handles, with blue geometric designs, gilt highlights and decorations on a white ground, inscribed on the underside '191' and w...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Imari Vase
A large single Imari vase with cover. Painted in a typical palette iron-red, underglaze blue & gilt decoration with winged phoenix. A/f chip on lid...
Lennox Cato Antiques & Works of Art
Stylish Modernist Japanese Imoto Studio Vase 20th C.
A stylish Japanese modernist sculptural studio pottery Imoto pedestal vase with a rectangular shaped body with overlapping sides supported on an ov...
Xupes Limited
Pair large Japanese Bronze vases / lamps
A very impressive pair of 19th Century (Meiji period 1868-1912) Japanese bronze vases. Each having floral and foliate decoration with birds in reli...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
Extremely Rare 17th Century Lamped Arita Vase
An extremely rare Arita vase, late 17th century, lamped. The ovoid vase is decorated in underglaze blue with a large Ho-Ho bird or Phoenix surround...
Raymond Horneman
Lamped Japanese 17th Century Blue Glazed Arita Vase with Gilt Decoration
A very rare and unusual Japanese blue glazed Arita vase with gilt chinoiserie decoration dating from circa 1700. The dark blue glaze is very unusua...
Raymond Horneman
Large Lamped Late 17th Century Japanese Octagonal Blue and White Arita Vase
A large late 17th century Japanese octagonal Arita blue and white vase, circa 1680. The vase is of octagonal baluster form, boldly painted with roc...
Raymond Horneman
Charming Medium Sized Lamped Japanese Imari Early 18th Century Vase
A charming lamped Japanese Imari early 18th century vase of medium proportions. The main body of the vase is decorated in iron red and cobalt blue ...
Raymond Horneman
Pair of Japanese 19th Century Bronze Vases
Pair of Japanese 19th century bronze vases decorated with incised flowers and foliage on a gold splashed background.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Exceptional Japanese Imari Lamped Vase, circa 1700
An exceptionally decorated octagonal shaped medium sized Japanese Imari vase dating, circa 1700. Large floral panels showing chrysanthemums and peo...
Raymond Horneman
Large Cloisonne vase Meiji period.
A large good quality Japanese Meiji period (1868-19120 Cloisonne vase, having a light Blue background, classical flower and foliate decoration with...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this fine quality highly decorative pair of Meiji period Cloisonné vases...
Steve Sly Japanese Works Of Art (Stags Head Antiques Ltd)
Japanese bronze vase decorated with lilies
Japanese bronze vase decorated with silvered lilies and buds, signed with chiselled characters Mitsumasa saku 光正作, Meiji Period. The white l...
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Laura Bordignon Antiques
Really Fine Pair of Early 18th Century Japanese Imari Lamped Vases
A really fine pair of early 18th century Japanese richly decorated imari baluster vases. The very unusual decoration of cooing and Billing birds is...
Raymond Horneman
19th Century Pair of Lacquered Vases
A finely decorated pair of black lacquered vases, the bodies decorated with flowers and foliage, each with an owl seated upon a branch. Conditio...
Timothy Langston
Pair of Japanese Ceramic Vases
Rare pair of Japanese Meiji period Ceramic Vases in fluo green colour decorated with Dragons.
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Herwig Simons
Massive Pair of Exceptional Japanese Imari Palace Vases, circa 1700
A massive pair of exceptional Japanese Imari vases almost certainly made for a palace. Each is decorated with three beautifully composed landscape ...
Raymond Horneman
As part of our oriental collection we are delighted to offer , the vase is cast in high relief and then multi patinated in gold , silver and other ...
Steve Sly Japanese Works Of Art (Stags Head Antiques Ltd)
As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this heavy gauge decorative mixed metal vase , the body of the vase is made from a...
Steve Sly Japanese Works Of Art (Stags Head Antiques Ltd)
Pair of Late 19th C. Ormolu mounted Japanese Vases with Peacock Motif
This lovely pair of Imari vases that were converted to lamps feature ornate ormolu mounts to the top and the base, and are hand painted with a deta...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
A Chinese cloisonne enamel vase
The ovoid shaped body with flaring rim, extensively decorated throughout with cloisonne enamel depicting flowers, birds and scrolling patterns, on ...
Judy Fox Antiques
Large Pair 19th Imari vases / lamps
A very impressive pair of 19th Century Japanese Imari lidded vases, having classical oriental scenes depicting flowers, trees and exotic birds. Gil...
Patrick Moorhead Antiques
19th Century Japanese Porcelain Table Lamp Vase of the Meiji Period
The bulbous form vase, now converted to a lamp, depicts the Ten Arhats, the enlightened disciples of the Buddha, with two young acolytes, delicatel...
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Pair of Long Neck Imari Vases
This lovely pair of 19th C. Imari Vases features a delicate elongated neck with a bright orange/red and dark cornflower blue profuse design of leav...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
A Pair of Japanese Imari Baluster Vases & Covers
A pair of traditional Japanese Imari baluster vases and covers. The pair of vases in blue and russet red, have domed covers with a knob to the top.
Bushwood Antiques
Pair of Amphora Imari Vases
This attractive pair of amphora Imari vases features a profuse chrysanthemum and leaf inspired design in dark blue, orange and white. The vases eac...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
Pair of Wide Rim Imari Vases
This unusual and very appealing shaped pair of Imari vases, painted in the traditional color scheme of dark blue, orange-red and white, are C. 1870...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
Arita porcelain bottle vase, in Imari style.
A Japanese Arita porcelain bottle vase, c. 1700. Painted in the Imari style, with three panels of flowering plants, amongst rocks; upon an undergla...
Philip Carrol
As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this most stylish and high quality pair of bronze and mixed metal Meiji period vas...
Steve Sly Japanese Works Of Art (Stags Head Antiques Ltd)
As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this very large and decorative bronze and mixed metal vase from the Meiji period, ...
Steve Sly Japanese Works Of Art (Stags Head Antiques Ltd)
A pair ormolu mounted cloisonne enamel vases
Of ovoid form with a pierced ormolu rim and scrolling handles modelled with Chinese figures, decorated throughout with fowl, flowers and foliage, r...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Pair of Shibayama Tusk Vases- Meiji 1868 - 1912
A finely detailed pair of Shybayama Tusks. Intricately applied with mother of pearl, gold lacquer and tortoiseshell. With cranes wading through wis...
Richard Peters Antiques
Pair of Large Japanese 19th C. Vases
This superb pair of Japanese Imari ribbed textured vases depicts various scenes of pagodas, bridges and gift bearing people in sumptuous colours of...
John Nicholas Antiques Ltd
As part of our Japanese works of art collection we are delighted to offer this fine quality and super condition pair of Satsuma vases from the late...
Steve Sly Japanese Works Of Art (Stags Head Antiques Ltd)
Japanese Imari vase
A fine Japanese Imari vase decorated with peonies and chrysanthemums, circa 1700.
James Graham-Stewart Ltd
Pair of Japanese Champleve vases 'Archaic Reptile' 1880
Pair of Japanese Champleve vases 'Archaic Reptile' 1880 All of the items that we advertise for sale have been as accurately described as possibl...
Walton House Antiques
Pair of Japanese Imari Sleeve Vases, circa 1700
An impressive pair of trumpet-shaped Japanese Imari vases each one decorated with two white panels of underglaze blue scrolling flowers on a dark b...
Raymond Horneman
Pair of Meiji Period Satsuma Japanese Vases converted to Lamps
The Meiji period is a Japanese era from 1868 to 1912. The period represents the first half of the Empire of Japan during which Japanese society mov...
Freshfords Fine Antiques
A fine ivory inlaid marquetry and ormolu mounted glass centrepiece by Giroux
By Alphonse Giroux, French, 1809-1886 and Ferdinand Duvinage, French, 1813-1874 The central fluted vase etched with floral motifs with a petal gil...
Mayfair Gallery Ltd.
Japanese Satsuma Pottery Vase
A late 19th to early 20th century Japanese Satsuma pottery vase of the Meiji period (1868-1912). The gourd shaped vase is decorated with hand ...
Graham Smith Antiques
Pair of Japanese Satsuma Vases
A pair of late 19th century Japanese Satsuma vases from the Meiji period (1864-1911). The vases have a round base and a slim neck that flares ...
Graham Smith Antiques