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As part of our Japanese art collection we are delighted to offer this fine quality little pair of Satsuma vases each artist signed by Kizan , the v...
Steve Sly Japanese Works Of Art (Stags Head Antiques Ltd)
19th Century Pottery Vase
An unusual ovoid 19th century pottery Vase with oriental figures in a romanticised landscape.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Pair of Campana Shape 19th Century Pottery Vases
An unusual pair of Campana shaped 19th century pottery vases with Oriental figures in a romanticised landscape.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Studio Pottery Stoneware sculptural vase, James Campbell b. 1942
An early James Campbell stoneware sculptural form with expressed central rings, the exterior with an opaque stone coloured glaze with brown speckle...
Kate Thurlow
Pair of Crackleware Lobed Vase Lamps
Pair of crackleware lobed pottery vase lamps of ovoid form. Modern.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Early Chameleon Ware Vase
A striking vase with beautiful abstract patterning. A rare early example of Chameleon ware with high lustre glaze (in contrast to later peices ...
Adams Antiques
19th Century Satsuma Ovoid Pottery Vase
A large 19th century Satsuma ovoid pottery vase with raised decoration of prunus blossom, country figures, gilded excellent condition.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Mason's Ironstone Mazarine Blue Garniture of Vases, Circa.1835.
Rare Garniture of Mason's Ironstone Vases, Circa 1820-25. The hexagonal shaped vases are painted with polychrome flowers on a mazarine blue gro...
Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.
Large Antique Ironstone Vase, Early 19th Century
A wonderful large, hexagonal shaped vase, with blue lion mask handles, overlaid in gilt. Japan pattern. Bottom is stamped "Alcock's Indian Irons...
Adams Antiques
Neoclassical basalt ware vase.
A Nineteenth Century Neoclassical basalt ware vase; the vase's body decorated with scrolling acanthus and beautifully modelled ram's heads.
Reindeer Antiques Ltd
Vase. Rozenburg. The Hague, Netherlands. Art Nouveau.
Vase produced by the Rozenburg Den Haag pottery in Holland. The bulbous lower body rises to a narrow neck and folded over lip in a tear drop shap...
Hall-Bakker Decorative Arts
Fine Pair of Japanese Satsuma Vases
A fine pair of late 19th century Meiji period (1864 - 1911) Japanese Satsuma pottery vases. The vases are conical in shape with a slim neck and ...
Graham Smith Antiques
Large studio pottery vase by William Marshall for Leach Pottery
A large faceted stoneware vase covered on the exterior with a semi translucent speckled off white glaze, the interior glazed brown, the foot and fo...
Kate Thurlow
A Large Scale French Terracotta Vase
An attractive large scale French terracotta vase with ribbed decoration. Now mounted as a lamp. All of our lamps can be wired for use worldwi...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
Pair of Late 19th Century Delft Double Gourd Vases
An exceptional pair of late nineteenth century Delft double gourd vases in polychrome on a white ground. Now mounted as lamps with hand-gilded t...
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Mackinnon Fine Furniture
William Moorcroft Pomegranate Vase
An early 20th century Moorcroft pottery 'Pomegranate' pattern vase. This trumpet shaped vase has underneath the impressed mark 'Moorcroft Made I...
Graham Smith Antiques
William Moorcroft Pottery Vase
Moorcroft 'Pomegranate' Vase An early 20th century Moorcroft pottery 'Pomegranate' pattern vase. This baluster shaped vase has underneath t...
Graham Smith Antiques
Small Art Deco Beswick Vase
A nice small Art Deco Beswick vase. Marked "Beswick Ware, Made in England" and impressed with shape number 188 which was designed by Mr Symcox i...
Adams Antiques
Moorcroft MacIntyre, a large pottery vase, 'Alhambra' pattern.
A fine, large Moorcroft MacIntyre pottery vase, c. 1900. Finely tube lined with a continuous scene of tulips, and other flowers, upon a cobalt blue...
Philip Carrol
Period English delftware flower brick large size Bristol Pottery circa 1740
A rare large size and unusually formed flower brick in blue and white delftware. One side is decorated with a feline giving attention to a flying...
John Howard
English delftware pottery flower brick, large size circa 1740, probably Bristol
A large size and unusually formed flower brick in blue and white delftware. The free flowing decoration of flowers and leaves on trailing stems is...
John Howard
20th Century Handmade Pottery Jug
A hand-made and hand-painted pottery jug. Two-toned green background with decoration in yellow, white and blue. Small chip to edge of base. ...
Adams Antiques
Vase. Belgium Art Pottery. Art Nouveau.
Vase. Pottery vase in the Art Nouveau style by unknown maker. Probably of Belgium origin but of unusual design. Very similar to a Wardle & Co pot,...
Hall-Bakker Decorative Arts
Vase with pewter mount. Luber. J.von Schwarz. Art Nouveau.
Vase c 1900. German Art Nouveau attributed to J.von Schwarz, of Nuremberg (Nurmerg)and probably designed by their art director Carl Sigmund Luber. ...
Hall-Bakker Decorative Arts
William Moorcroft Pomegranate Vase
William Moorcroft Pomegranate Vase An early 20th century Moorcroft pottery 'Pomegranate' pattern vase. This trumpet shaped vase has under...
Graham Smith Antiques
20th Century Tang Style Sancai Glazed Vase & Cover
A Tang style Sancai glazed vase of bulbous form with domed lid and knop. Sancai: 三彩; pinyin: sāncǎi; literally meaning "three colours," is...
Timothy Langston
Walter Moorcroft Orchid Vase
Walter Moorcroft Orchid Vase A 20th century moorcroft pottery 'Orchid' pattern vase. The vase has underneath the impressed mark 'Moorcroft ...
Graham Smith Antiques
Large Art Deco Chameleon Ware Vase
A spectacular and beautiful straight sided vase. Hand painted with bold vibrant pattern. In perfect condition with no chips or cracks. Marke...
Adams Antiques
Unusual 17th Century Lamped Delft Blue & White Vase with Manganese Highlights
An unusual late 17th century delft blue and white vase with Manganese highlights. The vase itself has an unusual shape and may have been used as a ...
Raymond Horneman
Danish Studio Pottery Vase Nils Kahler C.1960
A very stylish Danish studio pottery bottle shaped vase by Nils Joakim Kahler (1906-1979) with a cylindrical shaped body with a moulded pattern dec...
Xupes Limited
Vintage Poole Pottery Vase By Anne Godfrey C.1965-70
A very stylish Poole studio pottery vase by Anne Godfrey with incised designs picked out in green and black glazes on a bright orange ground. The h...
Xupes Limited
Stylish Modernist Japanese Imoto Studio Vase 20th C.
A stylish Japanese modernist sculptural studio pottery Imoto pedestal vase with a rectangular shaped body with overlapping sides supported on an ov...
Xupes Limited
French Studio Pottery Vase Andre L'helguen Quimper C.1950
A stylish vintage French studio pottery vase by André l'Helguen and made at the Keraluc pottery, Quimper. The vase is finely potted and decorated ...
Xupes Limited
A Pair of Art Pottery Vases as Lamps
A pair of twentieth century art pottery vases with textured grey glaze, now as lamps
Tarquin Bilgen
Chinese Republic Period Pottery Vase
This delightful and very pretty Chinese Republic period vase is painted in coloured enamels with figures in a garden setting. The bright and pastel...
Thomas Crabb Antiques
Tenmoku vase, Mike Dodd, British born 1943
Faceted vase of ovoid form with round collar neck, covered with a glossy, dripped Tenmoku glaze. Mike Dodd, British born 1943 Mike Dodd Born 194...
Kate Thurlow
Raku vase, Tim Andrews (British born 1960)
Tapering ovoid shaped vase with crackled glaze, made in the Raku tradition, the foot rim with impressed potter's seal. Tim Andrews (British born 19...
Kate Thurlow
An 18th century Frankfurt vase and cover
A very large mid 18th century Frankfurt blue and white vase and cover
James McWhirter Antiques Ltd
Moorcroft Anemone Pattern Vase
Moorcroft Anemone Pattern Vase A middle of the 20th century Moorcroft pottery vase. The vase is decorated with the 'Anemone' pattern with...
Graham Smith Antiques
Pair of Terraglia ‘Mosaic’ Volute-Krater Vases
These vases belong to a remarkable and rare group of terraglia or creamware wares of a technique unique to the Giustiniani factory and said to be i...
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Thomas Coulborn & Sons
A Rare pair of mason's ironstone China vases
A Rare pair of Mason's Ironstone China lidded vases, decorated with the Muscovy duck pattern on one side and Chinese scene to the reverse, having i...
Winson Antiques
Large Ruskin High-Fired Vase
Large Ruskin High-Fired Vase in a good curtained glaze. Small firing flaw to the shoulder
AD Antiques Ltd
Ruskin high-fired vase
Ruskin Ovoid Vase in a speckled glaze
AD Antiques Ltd
Antique Wedgwood & Bentley Classical Creamware Vase C.1780
A rare antique moulded classical scene porphyry creamware vase finely potted with oxen and various classical figures in a continuous scene around t...
Xupes Limited
Antique English delftware bottle vase mid 18th century period.
Antique English delftware pottery bottle painted with Chine motifs of flowers, foliage and a bird chasing an insect. Mid 18th century.
John Howard