‘Bacchante à l'Amour’

JEAN-LÉON GÉRÔME (1824-1904)

‘Bacchante à l'Amour’

c. 1895 France

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‘The Bacchante Et L'Amour ’: An Important gilt and patinated bronze sculpture by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904). Cast by the Siot-Decauville Foundry, Paris.

The Bacchante Et L'Amour was modelled by Gérôme in 1892. The sculpture depicts the charming subject of Cupid climbing up a thyrsus (acorn tipped staff) held by a bacchante, attempting to reach a bunch of grapes. It relates closely to the artist's 1868 painting Une Bacchante.

Cast in bronze by the Siot-Decauville foundry with an exceptional finish it was according to Ackerman (La vie et l'oeuvre de Jean-Léon Gérôme, Paris, 1992), probably edited in three sizes, the present cast being the largest.

The Siot-Decauville foundry was well equipped to produce wonderfully finished, sumptuous casts of Gerome's models. It was founded around 1860 by Edmond Siot-Decauville. In 1894 Rene Mauglas, in an article on the foundry, described in evocative terms the range of patinas available from Siot such as 'le vert Barye, jeune ou vieux, suivant les transparences de marron des pleins modeles, et les notes claires, qui courent en gouttes de lumieres sur les extremites; il y a la patine fleurie, ou sont semees les taches rouges, comme des coquelicots chantant dans la blondeur des moissons roussies' and he goes on to describe a whole myriad of breath-taking colour effects of 'une surprenante harmonie'.
G.M. Ackerman (1992), ‘La vie et l'oeuvre de Jean-Léon Gérôme’, Paris, no. S. 25, p. 319.

Ackerman p.316 no.S20; 'The Colour of Sculpture', p.78

Catalogue de la Maison SIOT-DECAUVILLE à Paris, p.3

Meyer, Jonathan, 'Great Exhibitions: London, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, 1851–1900', Antique Collectors’ Club (Woodbridge, UK), 2006, p. 236.
Height 96.00 cm (37.80 inches)
Width 29.00 cm (11.42 inches)
Depth 27.00 cm (10.63 inches)
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Signed ‘J L. GEROME’ to the base and stamped with the Siot Foundry mark and 'D 89'.
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