19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)
19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)
19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)
19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)
19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)
19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)
19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)
19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)

19thc Oil Portrait Pope Pius IX (1848-1878)

1800 to 1900 British

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Pope Pius IX reigned for 31 years, 7 months, and 23 days (11,560 days) from 1846 to 1878.

An exceptionally well painted mid 19th century passage portrait painting on canvas of POPE Pius IX (1848-1878) depicted wearing his traditional white cap and red robes.

The face is of an excellent standard and captures the warmth and charm of his holiness.

Pius IX was the Holy Father of the Catholic Church longer than any other pope, from 1846 to 1878. It was a difficult time to be the leader of the Church because of political conflicts between nations and religious arguments about the Church’s place in the world. No matter what kinds of problems the pope and the Church faced, Pius IX always turned to God for help and direction.

Pius IX was born in Italy in 1791. His name was Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti. Giovanni grew up wanting to be a priest and he followed that goal step by step until he was ordained in 1819. His first assignment was in an orphanage, where he was known for the love he shared with the children. Soon he was sent to South America to work for an important Church official.

After Father Giovanni returned home, he was made the archbishop of a diocese. When a revolution broke out, Giovanni was the peacemaker. He convinced the two sides to stop fighting. Soon he was assigned to a larger diocese and was named a cardinal. When Pope Gregory XVI died, Cardinal Mastai-Ferretti was elected pope. He chose the name Pius IX.

Very Good with evidence of a reline and just a little fading of the red around the right shoulder,consistent with the expected wear and age.
We attach an image in black and white from records in 1848 which demonstrate that our early portrait depicts the same Pope when he was first elected head of the Catholic Church.

Pope Pius IX was the last Pope-King to reign over the city of Rome.

In July 1870, at the First Vatican Council, declared Pope Pius IX infallible.

In August 1870, Napoleon III declared war on Prussia.

In September 1870, Rome was liberated by Italian troops.

Pope Pius IX sought asylum in ENGLAND!!

In 1860, things looked very bleak for the Pope and the Papal States. At that time, Cardinal Antonelli, on behalf of Pope Pius IX, sought asylum in ENGLAND for the Pope should he be forced to evacuate Rome.

The last Papal sovereign wanted to live under the government of the gracious sovereign, Queen Victoria!!

READ MORE COPY & PASTE LINK : http://saintsresource.com/pius-ix-pope/

External Height 53.00 cm (20.87 inches)
External Width 43.00 cm (16.93 inches)
External Depth 5.00 cm (1.97 inches)
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