A Blond Turtle Shell Carapace

A Blond Turtle Shell Carapace

1800 to 1900 Europe

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The Albino Shell of a Turtle Shell (Podocnemis Expansa)
19th Century

Size: 57cm high, 43cm wide – 22½ ins high, 17 ins wide
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Similar shells are always required, please contact with details
Similar shells are always required, please contact with details
Turtles of various sorts have proved popular food for as long as anyone can remember. This flesh has been described as a cross between veal and lobster. Sailors once caught turtles and rejoiced in eating their meat at sea. In the 18th Century traders began to ship turtles live from the West Indies in seawater tanks to sell as fresh as possible when they sailed into the Port of London. Turtle feasts became all the rage. Cooked like veal and served in its decorative upper shell or made into a rich soup, a 65kg turtle would serve 25 people in style. For 200 years the Lord Mayor of London's annual banquet at Mansion House traditionally began with a turtle soup.
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