A Fijian Rootstock war club , 19th century

A Fijian Rootstock war club , 19th century

1800 to 1900 Fiji

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A Fijian rootstock war club made from the root and trunk of an ironwood sapling
19th Century

Size : 113 ccm long
44½ ins long
Clubs made for combat were designed to inflict a specific type of wound. The purpose of this mace-like club was to smash skulls. To make such clubs took years of planned work with sapling being grown and trained into desired shape prior to cutting. The 'mana' subsequently acquired by the weapon was shared equally between the user and the maker.
The Fijian economic and social system thrived on war. Battles are recorded with over 15'000 warriors in the field at the same time. Those enemies who were spared immediate death were kept alive as food for a rainy day.
Height 113.00 cm (44.49 inches)
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