A Fine Fijian Rootstock War Club ‘Waka Vividrasa’

A Fine Fijian Rootstock War Club ‘Waka Vividrasa’

1800 to 1900 Fiji

Offered by Finch & Co

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A Fine Fijian Rootstock War Club ‘Waka Vividrasa’
Complete with original coir sinnet binding to the shaft. Aged smooth and shiny patina
Early 19th Century

Size: 112cm long – 44 ins long
cf Finch and Co catalogue no. 5, item no. 41, for another Fijian war club
The heavy two handled war club was the favourite weapon of the Fijian warrior. More prestige was gained by slaying an enemy with a club than by a kill with any other weapon. It was also the means by which the warrior could attain the coveted killer status of ‘Koroi’. It has been recorded that novice warriors even went to the extreme of purchasing a badly wounded enemy who had been injured by a more experienced comrade and then dashing out the helpless prisoners brains with his war club to gain the title ‘Koroi’. It is believed that because the Fijians held the head as the most sacred part of the body that this accounted for the special psychological aura that surrounded and distinguished the war club from every other weapon in the Fijian warriors armoury.
Height 112.00 cm (44.09 inches)
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