A Fine Mounted Pelt of an Antarctic Emperor Penguin

A Fine Mounted Pelt of an Antarctic Emperor Penguin

1800 to 1900 Antarctic

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A Fine Mounted Pelt of an Antarctic Emperor Penguin
An old label to reverse : The Jungle ( trade mark ) Rowland Ward , Piccadilly , London
19 th Century

Size : 76 cm high , 63.5 cm wide , ( max. ) 30 ins high , 25 ins wide
In subzero Antarctic weather conditions superb insulation keeps the body temperature of the emperor penguin at an almost constant 40 ?c .
The largest of all penguins the emperor has highly unusual breeding habits . In winter the female lays one egg and goes to sea not returning until the spring . The male carries the egg on his feet and protects it with a 'pouch' of feathery skin . Whilst guarding their eggs they don't attempt to find food . They huddle together in large incubating colonies on the ice through the long night of winter and go without food until the spring . The female returns just as the chick hatches and the male emperor then goes to sea to forage for food returning later to help rear the chick .
Emperor penguins can dive to a depth of 530 metres ( 1750 feet ) for as long as 20 minutes and travel up to 1000 km ( 625 miles ) on feeding trips .
Height 76.00 cm (29.92 inches)
Width 63.50 cm (25.00 inches)
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