A Fine Vanuatu (New Hebrides) ball-headed club
A Fine Vanuatu (New Hebrides) ball-headed club

A Fine Vanuatu (New Hebrides) ball-headed club

1700 to 1900 Vanuatu

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A Fine Vanuatu ( New Hebrides ) ball-heaaded club
Late 18th - Early 19th Century
( one ball deficient )

Size : 83 cm long
Known in the 19th Century as 'The Fire Belching Islands' geologically The New Hebrides are still islands consisting of ashes and coral, and several volcanoes, both terrestrial and submarine are still active.
In 1768 the Frenchman de Bougainville came to the islands and called them 'The Great Cyclades'. In 1774 Captain Cook renamed them on his visit 'The New Hebrides'. On man viewing them as the gentle luminous islands of the Aeggean, the other like the dark misty Hebrides ! However, before both of these voyagers, in 1606 De Quiros led a Spanish expedition to the archipelago and named it 'Australia Del Espirtu Santo', and later described the islands as an earthy paradise.
In 1980 the islands gained independence and were renamed 'Vanuatu' by the indigenous people and this means 'The Counrty that stands up'.
In the 'Atlas' of Captain Cook's 2nd voyage there is illustrated a club which is very similar to this example and which was collected in 1774. The old natural patina on this club is superb.
Height 83.00 cm (32.68 inches)
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