A Large collection of Baltic Amber
A Large collection of Baltic Amber

A Large collection of Baltic Amber

1 BC England

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A large collection of Baltic Amber ranging in colour from yellow, honey to dark brown, orange and reddish brown.
Some with insect inclusions

Size : 1-3 cm
¼-1 ins approx.
Provenance : Collected over a 30 year period having found on beach in Southwold, Suffolkl, England by a resident and her dogs
Amber is aromatic fossilised tree resin that was exuded from ancient pine forests. During the ice age the resin that had collected at the base of trees was hardened and compressed by ice floes and glaciers and along by the waves until it is washed up onto the shoreline. the English east coast is a well known source and Southwold has its own museum of amber.
Always treasured for its curative and talismanic powers, the Romans considered a single piece more valuable than a slave.
Height 1.00 cm (0.39 inches)
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