A Pair of Persian Goldsmiths Balances
A Pair of Persian Goldsmiths Balances

A Pair of Persian Goldsmiths Balances

1700 to 1900 Persian

Offered by Finch & Co


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A Pair of Persian Goldsmiths Balances
Steel overlaid with gold
Late 18th – Early 19th Century

Size : 41 cm high, 33 cm wide – 16 ins high, 13 ins wide
Goldsmiths and others working with precious metal often travelled with their tools in small groups or alone. The metal was generally supplied by the patron. Goldsmiths were notorious for fraudulent practices such as debasing gold or silver with a cheaper metal or plating base metal objects and passing them off as gold or silver and because of this they were often required to work in the house of the patron. He would supply the precious metal in the form of coinage or damaged or outmoded vessels and would have it weighed before and after manufacture, always keeping a close eye on the process to ensure none went astray.
Height 41.00 cm (16.14 inches)
Width 33.00 cm (12.99 inches)
Steel overlaid with gold
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