A Pensive Cupid
A Pensive Cupid
A Pensive Cupid
A Pensive Cupid
A Pensive Cupid

A Pensive Cupid

c. 1840 to c. 1880 Italy

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This charming little fellow is 19th century Italian. He is carved from a marble known as zuccherino, or little sugar, as it has a slight sparkle to it, reminiscent of loaf sugar.
Nude, he is placed on a cloud above bare rock, and is depicted deep in thought, his finger to his lips, the other hand toying absent-mindedly with the tops of the arrows protruding from his quiver.
At the base of the rock, fashioned to appear broken, but not so in reality, the artist has placed a rose, symbol of love and floral attribute of Cupid's mother, Venus. Perhaps this is the moment when Venus has confiscated naughty Cupid's bow (note its absence), dropped her rose and left him sitting, as it were, in a corner contemplating his transgressions.
Height 58.00 cm (22.83 inches)
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