A Preserved Specimen of a Flying Fish (Dactylopterus Volitans)

A Preserved Specimen of a Flying Fish (Dactylopterus Volitans)

1900 to 2000 Pacific

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A Preserved Specimen of a Flying Fish (Dactylopterus Volitans)
A Flying Gunard
Early 20th Century

Size : 35.5 cm long, 44.5 cm wide – 14 ins long, 17½ ins wide
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With old label reading : 'Flying Fish - The common flying fish is a marine species of gregarious habit and remarkable in being able to take a skimming flight, from which it derives its name. The ordinary length of a flying fish is from ten inches to a foot, its chief characteristics are the great length of the pectoral fins and blunt head. It is quite certain that these fish take their flights to escape their enemies. It must be clearly understood that the flight is not prolonged by any flapping of the fins, its continuance being entirely due to the original impetus of the leap'.
Flying Fish (Dactylopterus Volitans)
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