A rare grande-sonnerie & half-sonnerie carriage clock
A rare grande-sonnerie & half-sonnerie carriage clock
A rare grande-sonnerie & half-sonnerie carriage clock
A rare grande-sonnerie & half-sonnerie carriage clock
A rare grande-sonnerie & half-sonnerie carriage clock

PIERRE & ALFRED DROCOURT (worked 1853-1908)

A rare grande-sonnerie & half-sonnerie carriage clock

c. 1885 Paris

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A rare carriage clock by Alfred Drocourt of Paris striking both grande-sonnerie and half-hour sonnerie.
The eight-day duration movement has a silvered platform lever escapement and is stamped on the backplate with the trademark for Drocourt, the initials D.C. either side of a clock, along with the serial number 18284, with the gong block stamped F.D. The inside of the plates are stamped with a further Drocourt oval trademark and the serial number of the blanc roulant 5003.
To the underside of the base is a three position lever for Full Striking (grande-sonnerie), Striking (half-hour sonnerie) and Silent. The grande-sonnerie sounds the hour on a gong and then the hour and quarters at each quarter, with the quarter being a ting-tang strike on two gongs at quarter-past, two ting-tang strikes at half-past and three at quarter-to, along with the hour also at each quarter.
The rarity is with having half-hour sonnerie incorporated with the grande-sonnerie. Half-hour sonnerie was very little used and thought to be a peculiarity of Henri Jacot; although a few carriage clocks by other makers have come to light in recent years with this unusual form of strike, but on studying each it may well be that these half-hour sonnerie movements were supplied by Jacot and/or Baveux.
On all the half-hour sonnerie clocks this form of strike is always employed instead of grande-sonnerie, not alongside it; this being the first carriage clock by either Drocourt or Jacot that I have studied to have both, making this an extremely unusual and rare example.
The white enamel dial has black Roman numerals, Arabic outer five-minute numerals, a subsidiary alarm dial and interestingly is signed in full; Drocourt, 28 Rue Debelleyeme, Paris.
The substantial two-tone silvered and gilded case has fluted pillars with angled corners and with a fluted handle to match the columns. This is a style I’ve noted used by Drocourt for other grande-sonnerie clocks, as can be seen with serial number 19008, a moon-phase with grande-sonnerie, illustrated and discussed in my 2014 Drocourt Exhibition catalogue; available to view via a download on my website. This case has a further gilded plate attached under the base which is engraved Drocourt, Carriage Clock Maker, Rue Debelleyeme 28, Paris, an addition seen on a number of clocks by Alfred Drocourt at this period.

Pierre Drocourt, born 1819 & his son Alfred, born 1847, were one of the top maker's of carriage clocks in the mid to late Victorian period, having a factory at Saint-Nicolas-d'Ailermont, the most important town for carriage clock manufacture at the time, as well as premises in Paris at Rue Debelleyme 28; previously named Rue de Limoges prior to 1867, where he joined the well-known maker Blanpain. They made superb carriage clocks which were often decorative and were awarded numerous medals at exhibitions, such as the Bronze Medal at Paris 1867, the Silver at Paris 1878 and the gold at Paris in 1889. Alfred succeeded his father Pierre in circa 1871, with the latter’s retirement when he returned to his home village with his wife Marie and daughter Melanie.

For further details on the Drocourt family and their clocks, see my 2014 Exhibition catalogue available to view from my website, where there is a summary of my research.
Fully restored and guaranteed
Drocourt The Family and Their Clocks: Leigh Extence Antiques 2014
Exhibition Catalogue: Drocourt The Family and Their Clocks: Leigh Extence Antiques 2014
Height 7.00 inch (17.78 cm)
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