A Rare profile of Sir Narborough D'Aeth (1750-1808)
A Rare profile of Sir Narborough D'Aeth (1750-1808)
A Rare profile of Sir Narborough D'Aeth (1750-1808)

A Rare profile of Sir Narborough D'Aeth (1750-1808)

c. 18161819 United Kingdom

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Three quarter length, facing left wearing scarlet uniform with green facings and silver epaulette

Joshua Trewinnard worked as a profilist in London during the early part of the 19th C. He advertised on his trade labels that he produced profiles in all mediums; card, ivory, glass and composite, yet only examples on card have come to light.

There is scant information available regarding Joshua Trewinnard’s background or his professional career. This is further complicated due to his practice of sharing trade labels at various points in his career with three other artists; Mrs A. Trewinnard (from 1806) followed by J.T.Mitchell (from 1816-1819), then a period from 1819-1825 on his own, and lastly Mrs Edward Smith (from 1826-1829). We know he moved to 40 Strand, London in 1804 as shown in rate books of the time.

Sir Narborough D'Aeth succeeded his grandfather - 1773 to the title and to his estates at Knowlton Court and North Gray Place, both in Kent. He died without issue and is buried in St. Clement Church Knowlton.

He was painted by Reynolds as a boy but this portrait depicts him in the uniform of East Kent Militia where he rose to rank of Colonel, 1793.

The silhouette can be dated from 1816-1819 the exact period when Trwewinnard and Mitchell were both recorded as working in 40 Strand. The sitter's death is known to be 1808, so it is likely that this is a posthumous profile taken perhaps from an original by Buncombe, at the request of his cousin Rear Admiral George William Hughes, who inherited the estate and added D'Aeth to his surname.

The estate remained in the family until 1904 when it was sold to the High Sherriff of Kent, Major Francis Speed whose descendants are now the Fox-Pitt family.
patches of old crazing of gum arabic
D.S. Patton Collection
Sue McKechnie, British Silhouette Artists and their Works, 1978, page. 753, fig. 1616, and pages 745/746.
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painted on paper with the sitter's face in black and the uniform in colour
The reverse with a very rare Trade label of Trewinnard (Trewinnard/Mitchell) and ink inscription with sitter's name and date of death 1808.
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