A rare Surinam, Dutch Guiana, carved wood ceremonial tray

A rare Surinam, Dutch Guiana, carved wood ceremonial tray

1800 to 1900 Dutch Guiana

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A rare Surinam, Dutch Guiana, carved wood ceremonial tray
Late 19th CENTURY

Size: 38cm diameter

Provenance: Ex. English Private Collection
Described as 'Bush Negro Art', the art of Africans in the Americas,

Surinam designs have their origins in 17th and 18th century West

African art forms. When the colony was handed over to the Dutch by the

English in 1667 many of the West African plantation slaves escaped into

the forest. These people were later joined by the descendants of the

slaves who gained emancipation in 1863. They intermarried with the

indigenous Indians to come extent, the remain the foremost group of New

World Negroes who have preserved in its purest form their racial

identity with their African ancestors.

There are three principle tribes: the Saramaccaner, the Aucaner and the

Boni, all of whom live along the banks of the principle rivers that run

through the jungle of the interior of Surinam. This tray comes from the

Boni tribe and its design is significant in the context of fertility.

Bush Negro art has evolved into an art form which is unique in style

and possesses a vitality of its own. With cultural contributions from

South American Indians, Africans and probably Europeans it is a

'primitive art' that still remains virtually untouched by the modern

rapid diffusion of Western artistic traditions.
Width 38.00 cm (14.96 inches)
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