A Rare Victorian Cased Specimen of a Silvery Marmoset

A Rare Victorian Cased Specimen of a Silvery Marmoset

1800 to 1900 Amazon Basin, South America

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A Rare Victorian Cased Specimen of a Silvery Marmoset
From the upper Amazon Basin, South America
Late 19th Century

Size: 35 cm high, 24 cm wide, 14 cm deep – 13¾ ins high, 9½ ins wide, 5½ ins deep
Monkeys are a large and diverse group split into two broad geographically separate subgroups : the old world monkeys which includes the larger species such as gorillas, baboons and colobus monkeys, and the new world monkeys such as the marmosets and spider monkeys which are distinguished by their flat nose shape. Apart from mouse lemurs, marmosets are the smallest primates varying from mouse to squirrel size. Their fur is soft and silky and many have tufts or ruffs of fur on their heads.
Many species of monkey are endangered by loss of habitat and in recent years marmosets and squirrel monkeys have suffered badly from the destruction of large areas of forest and from illegal trapping. Little is known about the lives and habits of marmosets and more research urgently needs to be carried out to enable suitable reserves to be set up to ensure the survival of the species.
Height 33.00 cm (12.99 inches)
Width 24.00 cm (9.45 inches)
Depth 14.00 cm (5.51 inches)
Specimen of a Silvery Marmoset
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