A Sandstone Head of a Lohan, Yuan Dynasty

A Sandstone Head of a Lohan, Yuan Dynasty

1279 to 1368 China

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The crisply carved Lohan with a benevolent expression and a wry smile, his ear lobes long and protruding, meditating or deep in thought.

The Eighteen Arhats are lohans depicted in Mahayana Buddhism as the original followers of the Buddha who have followed the Eightfold Path and attained the highest state of peace and enlightenment. They are charged to protect the Buddhist faith and to await on earth for the coming of Maitreya, a prophesied enlightened Buddha.

In China, the Eighteen Arhats are a popular subject in Buddhist art, such as the famous Chinese group of glazed pottery luohans from Yixian of about 1000.
In good condition
Height 36.00 cm (14.17 inches)
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