A Sicilian Carved Stone Rampant Lion

A Sicilian Carved Stone Rampant Lion

1500 to 1800 Sicily

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A Sicilian Carved Stone Rampant Lion
His mane flowing down his back, holding an armorial shield displaying a crescent moon and an acanthus leaf
Probably from a gateway
16th / 17th Century

Size : 38 cm high, 21.5 cm deep, 16.5 cm wide – 15 ins high, 8½ ins deep, 6½ ins wide
Conquered by most of the major powers of the ancient world Sicily has a mixed artistic heritage. The island flourished under the colonisation of the Greeks during the 8th to the 5th century B.C . It was invaded by Carthage and became part of the Roman Empire from 241 B.C to 476 A.D .
In the Middle Ages it was ruled successively by the Arabs, the Normans 1059 - 1194 A.D who established the Kingdom of the two Sicily's, the German Emperor's, and then the English Plantagenet Angevins, many of whom were massacred during a popular revolt in 1282 known as the 'Sicilian Vespers'. Spain then ruled Sicily in various forms until Napoleon displaced the Spanish Bourbon's. In 1860 the Italian, Garibaldi invaded and in 1861 Sicily became united with Italy.

Height 38.00 cm (14.96 inches)
Width 16.50 cm (6.50 inches)
Depth 21.50 cm (8.46 inches)
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