A Temminck's Pangolin
A Temminck's Pangolin

A Temminck's Pangolin

1800 to 1900 European

Offered by Finch & Co


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A Temminck’s Pangolin
19th Century

Size : 63 cm long – 25 ins long
Pangolin of this quality and age are always required for stock - please contact us with details
Provenance : Ex Walter Potter Museum of Curiosities, Bramber, Sussex
Ex Jamaica Inn Museum, Bolventor, Cornwall

The curious armoured pangolin is similar in shape to the armadillo and anteater. They lack teeth, but have a very long powerful tongue which licks up the occupants of termite mounds and ants nests found both in trees and on the ground, that they rip open with their large claws. Found in eastern and southern Africa, Temminck's pangolin is similar to the Chinese pangolin and both were highly sought after as specimens of exotica by early Kunstkammer collectors.
Height 63.00 cm (24.80 inches)
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