A Very Fine Tibetan Iron Ritual Dagger ‘Phurbu’
A Very Fine Tibetan Iron Ritual Dagger ‘Phurbu’

A Very Fine Tibetan Iron Ritual Dagger ‘Phurbu’

1600 to 1700 Tibet

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A Very Fine Tibetan Iron Ritual Dagger ‘Phurbu’
Decorated with the triple headed deity Padmasambhava framed with a circle of human skulls
With painted inventory no. 819
17th Century

Size: 21.5cm long – 8½ ins long
Provenance: Ex Dreger collection, Germany
Ex European Private collection

Tibetan Buddhists took over the custom of ritually using power charged implements from the shaman magicians of India and Tibet. It is believed by the monks that old implements which have belonged to powerful magicians or saints have an extra potency and are used for exorcisms and forceful healings when required.
Sometimes called a magic dagger the phur-bu, meaning spike or nail, is the physical embodiment of the compelling power of the mantra Hüm. Tibetan monks performing rituals gesture with these spirit daggers, either singly or in groups, to enforce the effect of mantras or invocations they have uttered and to drive the invoked energy on its way, thus completing the ceremonies.
Height 21.50 cm (8.46 inches)
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