A very rare Amber carved skull,  MEMENTO mori

A very rare "Amber" carved skull, " MEMENTO mori"

1660 to 1690 Germany Königsberg

Offered by Herwig Simons

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Baltic amber is a specific subset of amber that is found only in northern Europe: it accounts for some 80% of the known amber in the world. Between 35 and 50 million years ago, sap oozed out from a forest of conifers (probably either false larch or kauri) in the region now covered by the Baltic Sea, and eventually hardened into clear lumps. Shoved around northern Europe by glaciers and river channels, lumps of genuine Baltic amber can still be found today on the eastern coasts of England and Holland, throughout Poland, Scandinavia and northern Germany and much of western Russia and the Baltic states.
Exelent condition
Later base
Height 5.50 cm (2.17 inches)
Width 5.00 cm (1.97 inches)
Depth 5.00 cm (1.97 inches)
Amber Bernstein
Herwig Simons

Herwig Simons
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