An African Ivory Coast, Lobi Semi-Reclining Chair

An African Ivory Coast, Lobi Semi-Reclining Chair

1800 to 2000 Ivory Coast

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An African Ivory Coast, Lobi Semi-Reclining Chair
The front leg with old tribal repair, smooth, silky and shiny patina
Late 19th Century – Early 20th Century

Size 48 cm high, 84 cm long, 14 cm wide – 19 ins high, 33 ins long, 5½ ins wide
Provenance : From the collection of the late artist Josef Herman
These semi-reclining chairs are unique to the Lobi and the Gurunsi peoples. Carved like a sculpture from a single block of wood entirely by hand this chair has notable patina on its slightly concave seating surface.
Every male member of the Lobi who had undergone initiation is said to have possessed one of these chairs. He would beat it on the ground as a sign of respect when approached by elders, and carry it on his left shoulder when travelling using it in emergencies as a weapon.
When compared with the minimalist creations of modern furniture design these austerely worked seats have obvious similarities, but the Lobi chair has a more direct and sensual relationship with the natural environment. It evokes a way of African life that has its natural resting and working place on the ground.
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