An Ancient Egyptian Mumiform Sacred Falcon ‘Sokar’
An Ancient Egyptian Mumiform Sacred Falcon ‘Sokar’

An Ancient Egyptian Mumiform Sacred Falcon ‘Sokar’

525 BC to 332 BC Egypt

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An Ancient Egyptian Mumiform Sacred Falcon ‘Sokar’
Wood and gesso painted with pigment
Late Period (525-332 B.C) – Dynasties 27-31

Size: 16.5cm high, 19cm deep, 7cm wide – 6½ ins high, 7½ ins deep, 2¾ ins wide
Provenance: Ex Private European collection
cf Finch and Co catalogue no. 8, item no. 24, for an ancient Egyptian mummified sacred falcon
The falcon was sacred to the Kings of ancient Egypt and was a symbol of Sokar the counterpart of Osiris, the God of the dead. Living falcons or hawks were regarded as the physical manifestation or ‘Ba’ of Horus the hawk headed God.
Carefully carved wooden representations of the ‘Ba’ falcons were posted at the four corners of the outer sarcophagus and a carved image of the jackal Anubis was placed along the top, and together they would guard the exterior of the coffin.
Height 16.50 cm (6.50 inches)
Width 7.00 cm (2.76 inches)
Depth 19.00 cm (7.48 inches)
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