An Interesting Map of Africa drawn by WH Bauby , dated 1861

An Interesting Map of Africa drawn by WH Bauby , dated 1861

1800 to 1900 England

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An intersting Map of Africa drwan by W H Bauby
Dated midsummer 1861
Watercolour and ink on paper

Size : 46 cm high x 37 cm wide
18 ins high x 14 ins wide
The fisrt indication of Africa's cultural and economic riches came from Arab scholars. At the end of the 8Th century a geographer, al Fazari, working at the court of the Caliph of Baghdad talked of the Kingdom of Ghana.
Althoug Europe knew of the commerce and riches of the Kingdoms of Black Africa, access to these markets was denied by the Islamic powers of North Africa. It was not until the Portuguese Vasco da Gama, finally rounded the southern tip of Africa in 1498 and entered the Indian Ocean that a whole new trading world was opened up.
This 1861 map of Africa is an interesting insight and indication of the lack of European colonial knowledge of the interior of Africa; something that would significantly change within the relatively short space of the next 100 years.
Height 46.00 cm (18.11 inches)
Width 37.00 cm (14.57 inches)
watercolour and Ink on paper
W H Bauby 1861
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