An Unusual English Erotic Snuff Box
An Unusual English Erotic Snuff Box
An Unusual English Erotic Snuff Box

An Unusual English Erotic Snuff Box

1800 to 1900 English

Offered by Finch & Co

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An Unusual English Erotic Snuff Box
The finely painted gouache on vellum depicting an aroused Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
The plain black lacquered papier mache exterior with a tortoiseshell interior lining that secretly unscrews to reveal the hidden erotic scene
In fine condition
Circa 1810 – 1820

Size: 8.5cm dia., 2.5cm high – 3¼ ins dia., 1 ins high
See: Finch & Co catalogue no. 12, item no. 17, for an example of a French erotic box

Today it is well known that sexual customs and conventions vary widely between different cultures and what appears commonplace to one may be deeply offensive to another, but to the Victorians of the 19th century sex was regarded as shameful and any work of art ancient or modern deemed to be erotically exciting was suppressed. Thus art, which made use of erotic motifs, like this snuffbox, for the purpose of sexual stimulation, was hidden and often kept in secret collections of erotica.
Papier Maché, tortoiseshell, vellum and brass
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