Ancient Egyptian Bronze Amulet of Nefertem

Ancient Egyptian Bronze Amulet of Nefertem

646 BC to 525 BC Egypt

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An Ancient Egyptian Bronze Amulet of Nefertem
Traces of brownish red patination
26th Dynasty 646 – 525 BC

Size: 10cm high – 4 ins high
Provenance: Ex Belgium Private collection
cf: Flinders Petrie, W.M.; ‘Amulets’ reprint London, 1994 page 38

Nerfertem was the God of the primeval lotus blossom and he wears a lotus flower headdress. The blue lotus, the scented flower of which was often used by guests at banquets, represents him. The ancient Egyptians believed that the sun had risen from a lotus so Nerfertem was linked with the sun god and is described in the Pyramid texts as the ‘lotus blossom, which is before the nose of Ra’. Occasionally he is depicted as lion headed as at Memphis he was worshipped as the son of Sekhmet, the lion goddess.
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