Antique Golf, Chole Club
Antique Golf, Chole Club
Antique Golf, Chole Club
Antique Golf, Chole Club

Antique Golf, Chole Club

1900 Belgium

Offered by Manfred Schotten Antiques

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The crosse club consists of a cast iron head, a wooden shaft and a leather grip. The club head has two faces. The ‘plat’ face is straight and is used for distance when you have a good lie, whilst the ‘pic’ or ‘bec’ is extremely concave and is used when you have a difficult lie or wish to play an approach shot. The wooden ball (choulette) which is used in this game is not round but egg-shaped. The game is more commonly played in farmers fields and is still played in France and Belgium today. The game is played with two teams of two players playing against each other using only one ball. The idea is one team (chouleurs) tries to reach a target within a certain number of strokes, this is decided upon before play commences, whilst the other team (dechouleurs) tries to prevent it. The attacking team will hit the ball three times in a row towards the target, the defensive side then has one hit to play away from the target and try and possibly put the ball in a bad lie. The attackers are the winners of the ‘partie’ if they reach the target within the set amount of strokes, the defenders are the winners if they manage to prevent the other side from achieving the set objective, the match is finished when one side reaches five parties.
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Height 79.00 cm (31.10 inches)
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