Capitoline Wolf
Capitoline Wolf

Capitoline Wolf

c. 1850 Italy

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A fine, mid 19th century Italian bronze sculpture of The Capitoline Wolf, the she-wolf suckling the twin infants, inspired by the legend of the founding of Rome. According to this legend, when Numitor, grandfather of the twins Romulus and Remus, was overthrown by his brother Amulius, the usurper had the twins thrown into the Tiber River. They were quickly rescued by a she-wolf who cared for them until a herdsman, Faustulus, found and raised them.
Since 1471 the Capitoline Wolf has been housed in the Palazzo dei Conservatori on the Campidoglio, the ancient Capitoline Hill, Rome.
The age and origin of this sculpture is controversial. Originally thought to be an Etruscan work of the 5th century BC, recent radiocarbon and thermoluminescence dating have found that the wolf portion of the statue was likely cast between 1021 and 1153, the twins perhaps being added by the sculptor Antonio Pollaiolo in the late 15th century.
The present sculpture is very well cast with excellent afterwork and and a fine translucent green-brown patination.
Height 4.00 inch (10.16 cm)
Width 7.00 inch (17.78 cm)
Depth 2.50 inch (6.35 cm)
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