Antique late 19th century, stained wood frame
Excellent condition
Wallet is above all a Belgian artist, specializing in landscapes, beach scenes and marines which are imbued with the austere beauty of the North Sea coast, and full of the vast skies of Flanders. He also produced portraits, drawings, engravings and still life paintings, at first in a realist style, but after the Second World War in a more impressionistic manner which owed a slight debt to Ensor. Later on he would pay increasing attention to the composition, stylization and development of his subjects. His works are notable for their poetry, joie de vivre, optimism and sense of well-being and tranquillity. This still life painting of pears and chanterelle mushrooms vibrates with taches of pure, clear colour, of the kind which transfused Wallet’s work from the period of his travels in France and Italy. No black has been used – the shadows are equally created from pure colour; there is, however, a great sense of depth and recession for such a small painting, and each object has a solid plasticity.
Height 21.90 cm (8.62 inches)
Width 27.90 cm (10.98 inches)
External Height 34.60 cm (13.62 inches)
External Width 40.00 cm (15.75 inches)
Oil on canvas
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