Description de l'Egypte - a pair of Waterlilies (1809-29)
Description de l'Egypte - a pair of Waterlilies (1809-29)

Description de l'Egypte - a pair of Waterlilies (1809-29)

1809 to 1829 France

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'Botanique: Nymphaea Nelumbo// Nymphaea Lotus. Nymphaea Caerulea' from 'Description de l'Egypte...', published in Paris, 1809 - 29.

In 1798, Napoleon launched an expedition into Egypte: officially, to free the Egyptians from the oppression of the Ottoman Empire; unofficially, to found a new French colony. Unfortunately, it turned into a military and political disaster but, at the same time, revealed the mysteries and treasures of a long-forgotten civilisation. Following Napoleon, were a group of 500 civilians, amongst them mathematicians, astronomers, civil engineers, naturalists, architects, draughtsmen, artists, engravers and printers. They all took part in the systematic catalogueing and recording of their finds, resulting in a most concise compilation: the 'Description de l'Egypte'!

The 'Description...' was published between 1809 and 1829, in 23 volumes with over 3000 engravings on 894 plates.

These two waterlilies make a very attractive pair and will most certainly be a talking point!
Excellent condition. each plate with blind stamp.'%C3%89gypte#Second_edition_.28Panckoucke_edition.29
Height 43.00 cm (16.93 inches)
Width 558.00 cm (219.69 inches)
modern hand coloured copper engravings
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